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Schools Association for Formal Education (SAFE)
SAFE Secondary School Leaving Students in the Academic Year 2010-2011
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Mohamed Abdullahi Siyad Mohamud Imran Bin Hussein
2 Fartun Abdi Barre Mohamed Imran Bin Hussein
3 Suada Abdullahi Osman Atoosh Imran Bin Hussein
4 Mohamed Abdullahi Ali  Barre Imran Bin Hussein
5 Anisa Muhyidiin Omar Ali Imran Bin Hussein
6 Ridwan Ahmed AbdI-Kadir Abdullahi Imran Bin Hussein
7 Yonis Ahmed Ali Aadan Imran Bin Hussein
8 Hawa Ahmed Adde Omar Imran Bin Hussein
9 Ilyaas Ahmed Ali Aadan Imran Bin Hussein
10 Abukar Ahmed Jimaale Abdulle Imran Bin Hussein
11 Hani Hussein Mohamed Diini Imran Bin Hussein
12 Abdi-Nasir Yusuf Mohamed Yusuf Imran Bin Hussein
13 Abdi-Kadir Yusuf Badal Faarah Imran Bin Hussein
14 Mohamed Osman Aweys Hassan Imran Bin Hussein
15 Ikram Abdullahi Ali Barre Imran Bin Hussein
16 Hamdi Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Imran Bin Hussein
17 Ibrahim Omar Mohamed Haji Imran Bin Hussein
18 Abdi-Kadir Yusuf Omar Kaahiye Imran Bin Hussein
19 Abdi-Fatah Osman Ibrahim Osman Imran Bin Hussein
20 Abdi-Kafi Mohamed Abdi Bootan Imran Bin Hussein
21 Abdi-Fatah Ahmed Saiid Abukar Imran Bin Hussein
22 Mohamed Abukar Mohamed Mursal Imran Bin Hussein
23 Qalid Ali Mohamed Abdullahi Imran Bin Hussein
24 Anzal Dahir Omar Mohamed Imran Bin Hussein
25 Mohamed Duraan Abdullahi Aadam Imran Bin Hussein
26 Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan Yaroow Imran Bin Hussein
27 Ebla Ismail Mohamed AbdI-Rahman Imran Bin Hussein
28 Ikraam Isse Abdulle Osman Imran Bin Hussein
29 Abdi-Rahman Abdullahi Ali Barre Imran Bin Hussein
30 Abdi-Kadir Ibrahim Ali Ambar Imran Bin Hussein
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abdalla Hassan Ahmed Roble Al-Imra (Hodan)
2 Abdalla Hassan Gure Ibrahim Al-Imra (Hodan)
3 Abdiaziz Elmi Osman Oday-wa Al-Imra (Hodan)
4 Abdiaziz Mohamed Sufi Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
5 Abdifatah Abbi Abdi Awl Al-Imra (Hodan)
6 Abdifatah Abdullahi Mohamed Abdullahi Al-Imra (Hodan)
7 Abdifitah Mohamud Awale Barale Al-Imra (Hodan)
8 Abdihakin Omar Mohamud Al-Imra (Hodan)
9 Abdikadir Isak Mohamed Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
10 Abdikafi Sugal Kulow Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
11 Abdikarin Hassan Sheik Mohamed Hasan Al-Imra (Hodan)
12 Abdikarin Mohamed Abdi Elmi Al-Imra (Hodan)
14 Abdinajib Ahmed Nour Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
15 Najib Mohamed Abdulkadir Abukar Al-Imra (Hodan)
16 Abdinajib Mohamed Farah Omar Al-Imra (Hodan)
17 Abdinasir Abdi Ahmed Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
18 Abdinasir Hassan Haji Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
19 Abdirahman Ali Mohamed Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
20 Abdirahman Mohamed Urur Afrah Al-Imra (Hodan)
21 Abdirahman Nor Haji Osman Idiris Al-Imra (Hodan)
22 Abdirasak Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Al-Imra (Hodan)
23 Abdirihim Sheik Abdi Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
24 Abdirisak Abdirashid Goni Guure Al-Imra (Hodan)
25 Abdirisak Mohamud Mohamed Abdikarin Al-Imra (Hodan)
26 Abdisalam Hashim Azhar Hassan Al-Imra (Hodan)
27 Abdishakur Abukar Mohamed Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
28 Abdiwahid Husein Mohamed Nour Al-Imra (Hodan)
29 Abdiwali Mohamed Hassan Galbed Al-Imra (Hodan)
30 Abdulahi Ali Mohamed Abdirahman Al-Imra (Hodan)
31 Abdulkadir Mohamed Warsame Keynan Al-Imra (Hodan)
32 Abdulkadir Osman Mohamed Osman Al-Imra (Hodan)
33 Abdullahi Abukar Ga’al Gedi Al-Imra (Hodan)
34 Abshir Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
35 Abukar Mohamed Abdi Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
36 Adan Ibrahim Abdulle Adan Al-Imra (Hodan)
37 Adil Mohamed Ali Abdullahi Al-Imra (Hodan)
38 Ahmed Adan Roble Gedi Al-Imra (Hodan)
39 Ahmed Hussein Mohamed Abkow Al-Imra (Hodan)
40 Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Osoble Al-Imra (Hodan)
41 Ahmed Osman Baa-Hassan Omar Al-Imra (Hodan)
42 Aidid Malaq Isak Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
43 Ali Abdi Mohamed Mohamud Al-Imra (Hodan)
44 Ali Abdullahi Hassan Omar Al-Imra (Hodan)
45 Ali Ahmed Yousuf Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
46 Ali Nour Mohamed Farah Al-Imra (Hodan)
47 Amina Hassan Omar Sheik Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
48 Amino Mahad Mohamed Hassan Al-Imra (Hodan)
49 Amira Omar Abikar Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
50 Anab Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
51 Anab Sharif Mohamed Sabriye Al-Imra (Hodan)
52 Anfa’ Hussein Isse Gutale Al-Imra (Hodan)
53 Anisa Bashir Warsame Awale Al-Imra (Hodan)
55 Asad Abdirahman Guled Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
56 Asad Ali Mohamed Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
57 Asad Hussein Mohamed Dhi’isow Al-Imra (Hodan)
58 Ayan Ahmed Mohamed Abdullahi Al-Imra (Hodan)
59 Ilyas Mohyadin Sheik Mursal Hussein Al-Imra (Hodan)
60 Bashir Abdulkadir Muse Fiqi Al-Imra (Hodan)
61 Bille Yousuf Ibrahim Osman Al-Imra (Hodan)
62 Daha Mohamed Aweis Abuu Al-Imra (Hodan)
63 Dahir Mohamed Farah Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
64 Fa’iza Bashir Mohamed Abdirahman Al-Imra (Hodan)
65 Fa’iza Sadiq Adan Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
66 Fadumo Idiris Sheik Abdi Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
67 Fadumo Osman Abukar Lafole Al-Imra (Hodan)
68 Farhio Dahir Adan Adde Al-Imra (Hodan)
69 Farhio Tahlil Kadiye Osman Al-Imra (Hodan)
70 Fartun Mohamed Aweis Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
71 Feisal Hajir Adam Qeyley Al-Imra (Hodan)
72 Feisal Mohamed Abdulkadir Abukar Al-Imra (Hodan)
73 Fahad Abdullahi Mohamed Siyad Al-Imra (Hodan)
74 Fu’ad Salad Siyad Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
75 Halimo abdi Gedi Farayare Al-Imra (Hodan)
76 Hamdi Abdi Husein Warsame Al-Imra (Hodan)
77 Hanad Tahlil Ahmed Ayanle Al-Imra (Hodan)
78 Hani Busuri Sheikh Mayow Omar Al-Imra (Hodan)
79 Hassan Ali Ahmed Ga’al Al-Imra (Hodan)
80 Hassan Ali Mohamed Osman Al-Imra (Hodan)
81 Hassan Dahir Farah Jama’ Al-Imra (Hodan)
82 Hawo Mohamed Hassan Nour Al-Imra (Hodan)
84 Husein Abdullahi Ali Hashi Al-Imra (Hodan)
85 Husein Adam Ibrahim Abdi-nour Al-Imra (Hodan)
87 Hussein Abdulkadir Hussein Ibrahim Al-Imra (Hodan)
88 Hussein Ibrahim Salad Isak Al-Imra (Hodan)
89 Hussein Mire Farah Sadaq Al-Imra (Hodan)
90 Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamud Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
92 Ikran Abdulkadir Muse Khalid Al-Imra (Hodan)
93 Ilhan Ahmed Mo’allim Omar Al-Imra (Hodan)
94 Ilyas Abdullahi Ali Kulmiye Al-Imra (Hodan)
95 Isma’il Idiris Sheik Abdi Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
96 Isma’il Ya’qub Mohamed Abdullahi Al-Imra (Hodan)
97 Isse Abdullahi Omar Ulasow Al-Imra (Hodan)
98 Isse Salad Abshir Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
99 Jamilo Mursal Muse Samatar Al-Imra (Hodan)
100 Jawahir Haji Sidi Salah Dahir Al-Imra (Hodan)
101 Jeylani Husein Yousuf Eid Al-Imra (Hodan)
103 Kaltumo Sheikh Ibrahim Isak Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
104 Kamal Ibrahim Muhayadin Aweis Al-Imra (Hodan)
105 Khadar Osman Elmi Arush Al-Imra (Hodan)
106 Jamilo Muktar Yabarow Al-Imra (Hodan)
107 Kowthar Abdirahman Elmi  Malin Al-Imra (Hodan)
108 Mohamed Abdullahi Abdi Al-Imra (Hodan)
109 Liban Mohuyadin Ibrahim  Gutale Al-Imra (Hodan)
110 Liban Salah Omar Ulusow Al-Imra (Hodan)
111 Mahad Abdulkadir Ali Hassan Al-Imra (Hodan)
112 Maryan Abdiaziz Mohamed Hussein Al-Imra (Hodan)
113 Mohamed Abdi Wehliye Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
114 Mohamed Abdulkadir Ali Hussein Al-Imra (Hodan)
115 Mohamed Abdulkadir Musse Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
116 Mohamed Abdullahi Abdisalam Mursal Al-Imra (Hodan)
117 Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
119 Mohamed Ahmed  Abdulkadir Nour Al-Imra (Hodan)
120 Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Adani Al-Imra (Hodan)
121 Mohamed Ali Abdulkadir Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
122 Mohamed Ali Hirsi Jama’ Al-Imra (Hodan)
123 Mohamed Dahir Hashi Abdi Al-Imra (Hodan)
124 Muse Omar Mohamed Hassan Al-Imra (Hodan)
126 Mohamed Hassan Adam Omar Al-Imra (Hodan)
127 Mohamed Ibrahim Abdi Mamow Al-Imra (Hodan)
128 Mohamed Ishaq Ya’qub Ishaq Al-Imra (Hodan)
129 Mohamed Isse Ibrahim Jim’ale Al-Imra (Hodan)
130 Mohamed Kassim Ali Hassan Al-Imra (Hodan)
131 Mohamed Mo’alim Husein Mohamud Ga’al Al-Imra (Hodan)
132 Mohamed Mohamud Ahmed Mohamud Al-Imra (Hodan)
133 Mohamed Mohamud Awale Barale Al-Imra (Hodan)
134 Mohamed Nour Abdulle Baan-Salah Al-Imra (Hodan)
135 Mohamed Nour Bo’or Jelle Al-Imra (Hodan)
136 Mohamed Omar Abukar Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
137 Mohamed Omar Hassan Adam Al-Imra (Hodan)
138 Mohamed Omar Mohamed Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
139 Mohamed Osman Isak Abdi Al-Imra (Hodan)
140 Mohamed Sayid Abdullahi Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
141 Mohamud Abdullahi Ahmed Mohamud Al-Imra (Hodan)
142 Mohamed Elmi Yousuf Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
143 Mohamud Hassan Gure Ibrahim Al-Imra (Hodan)
144 Mohamud Jamal Sidow Mahdi Al-Imra (Hodan)
145 Mohamud Shine Qadhib Sheik Ikar Al-Imra (Hodan)
146 Mowlid Ahmed Ali Hirsi Al-Imra (Hodan)
147 Mowlid Mohamud Husein Sheik Osman Al-Imra (Hodan)
148 Muslima Abdullahi Sh. Hassan Adam Al-Imra (Hodan)
150 Mustaf Fu’ad Ali Kadiye Al-Imra (Hodan)
151 Mustaf Mire Farah Sadik Al-Imra (Hodan)
152 Nafiso Omar Nour Husein Al-Imra (Hodan)
153 Nasro Ahmed Elmi Adam Al-Imra (Hodan)
154 Nawal Ahmed Nour Haryan Al-Imra (Hodan)
155 Nim’o Abdullahi Siyad Mohamud Al-Imra (Hodan)
156 Nimco Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
157 Mohamed Adam Ali Osman Al-Imra (Hodan)
158 Nor Mohamed Mohamud Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
159 Nour Isak Khalid Haydar Al-Imra (Hodan)
160 Omar Abdullahi Omar Ulusow Al-Imra (Hodan)
162 Omar Mohamed Omar Ibrahim Al-Imra (Hodan)
163 Osman Ali Farah Ali Al-Imra (Hodan)
164 Osman Mohamed Ali Adan Al-Imra (Hodan)
165 Qadar Abdi Mohamed Mohamud Al-Imra (Hodan)
166 Rahma Hassan Osoble Ibrahim Al-Imra (Hodan)
167 Ruqio Mohamed Mohamud Ahmed Al-Imra (Hodan)
168 Sa’id Hassan Isak Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
169 Saa’id Bashir Warsame Awale Al-Imra (Hodan)
170 Sadak Abdirashid Osman Shardi Al-Imra (Hodan)
171 Sadam Mohamed Ali Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
173 Sahro Abdulkadir Hussein Ibrahim Al-Imra (Hodan)
174 Sahro Ishaq Ya’qub Ishaq Al-Imra (Hodan)
175 Samira Hassam Ali Mo’ow Al-Imra (Hodan)
176 Samira Omar Jim’ale Osoble Al-Imra (Hodan)
177 Samiro Ali Abshir Omar Al-Imra (Hodan)
178 Shamso Hassan Sharif Hussein Al-Imra (Hodan)
180 Su’ad Mo’allim Mohamed Omar Abdulle Al-Imra (Hodan)
181 Ubah Abdullahi Omar Osman Al-Imra (Hodan)
182 Ummi Haji Mohamed Nor Abukar Al-Imra (Hodan)
183 Yahye Abdi Osman Mohamed Al-Imra (Hodan)
184 Yasin Mohamed Bashir Hassan Al-Imra (Hodan)
185 Yousuf Abdi Hidigow Farah Al-Imra (Hodan)
186 Yusuf Adan Ali Ibrahim Al-Imra (Hodan)
187 Zakariye Nour Osman Mohamud Al-Imra (Hodan)
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Aasho Mohamud Hassan Badbado
2 Abdirashid Omer Mohamed Badbado
3 Abdullahi Mohamud Sagar Badbado
4 Ahmed Ibrahim Moallim Samow Badbado
5 Asho Mohamed Hassan Badbado
6 Bile Mohamed Yusuf Badbado
7 Fartun Hassan Mohamud Badbado
8 Mohamed Muhidin Yusuf Badbado
9 Mohamed Yusuf Ali Badbado
10 Najmo Muhidin Yusuf Badbado
11 Nu’man Omer Ibrahim Badbado
12 Yusuf Abdirahman Guled Badbado
13 Bashir Nu’man Sh. Omer Badbado
14 Abdishakur Abdiwahab Abdullahi Badbado
15 Omer Abdiaziz Hajji Dhafe Badbado
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Fadumo Dahir Mohamed Farah Halane
2 Hamdi Mohamed Adan Halane
3 Sa’id  Mohamed Ahmed Halane
4 Ahmed Sa’id Arab Halane
5 Muridi Aweys Hussien Halane
6 Mohamed Omar Sh. Hassan Halane
7 Abdihalim Jibril Sayid Ibrahim Halane
8 Abdullahi Abdirahman Ahmed Halane
9 Omar Mohamed Mustaf Halane
10 Abdiladhif Adan Osman Halane
11 Mohamed Mahdi Osman Halane
12 Osman Abdirahman Sayid Ibrahim Halane
13 Hassan Faysal Firdhiye Halane
14 Ayub Mohamed Muse Halane
15 Halimo Aweys Hussien Halane
16 Laylo Moallim Ibrahim Hassan Halane
17 Samiro Salah Nour Halane
18 Aidurus Ahmed Ali Farah Halane
19 Fatimo Omar Araye Halane
20 Shamso Isak Mohamed Halane
21 Aydurus Aweys Shiek Omar Halane
22 Abdisamad Mohamed Omar Halane
23 Abdifatah Khalif Farah Halane
24 Abdirashid Mohamud Mohamed Halane
25 Mohamed Mumin Mo’allim Dahir Halane
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 M.Deeq Aadan Axmed Gulwade
2 Bakaal Xuseen Xasan Gulwade
3 C/Xakiin  Maxamed Xasan Gulwade
4 Zakariye Cabdi Xasan Gulwade
5 Sharmaake Cabdi Yuusuf Gulwade
6 C/Risaaq Jaamac Cali Gulwade
7 Xasan Maxamed Faarax Gulwade
8 Ayaanle Bashiir Xasan Gulwade
9 C/Wali Maxamed Faarax Gulwade
10 Ridwaan Cismaan Cabdi Gulwade
11 C/Raxmaan Qaasim Axmed Gulwade
12 Warsame C/Laahi C/Dulle Gulwade
13 Guuleed Yaasiin Aadan Gulwade
14 Faadumo Faarax Axmed Gulwade
15 Saciid Maxamed Hersi Gulwade
16 Hani C/Wali Maxamed Gulwade
17 Raxmo C/Wali Aadan Gulwade
18 Yuusuf Maxamed Faarax Gulwade
19 Maxamed C/risaaq Faarax Gulwade
20 Ayaanle Aadan Nuur Gulwade
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Maxamed  Cabdi Maxamud Hanti-Wadag
2 Maxamud C/laahi Aadan Hanti-Wadag
3 C/fitaax Maxamed Cumar Hanti-Wadag
4 C/shakuur C/laahi Cali Ciid Hanti-Wadag
5 Axmed C/qani Cali Ismaciil Hanti-Wadag
6 C/risaaq Maxamud Warsame Hanti-Wadag
7 Hanad C/kariin Axmed Hanti-Wadag
8 Axmed Saciid Cali kulane Hanti-Wadag
9 Axmed Maxamed Cali Hanti-Wadag
10 Nimco Maxamed wehliye Hanti-Wadag
11 Sacdiyo Cali Cawale Hanti-Wadag
12 Adno C/qaadir Cali Buule Hanti-Wadag
13 Ikraan Daahir Abshir Hanti-Wadag
14 Nafiso Cali Daahir Hanti-Wadag
15 Ayaan Xasan Sh Nuur Hanti-Wadag
16 Ilhaan C/qaadir Cali Bulale Hanti-Wadag
17 Maymuun Xasan Maxamed Hanti-Wadag
18 Sacdiyo Axmed Cali Hanti-Wadag
19 Cabdi mahad Saciid Cali Hanti-Wadag
20 C/qaadir Max’ed C/raxmaan Hanti-Wadag
21 Cabdalle C/risaaq Xasan Hanti-Wadag
22 Maxamed Dhuubow Roble Hanti-Wadag
23 Maxamed C/nasir Barre Hanti-Wadag
24 Shaafic Cai Muuse Hanti-Wadag
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Guuleed C/raxmaan Maxamed Halgan
2 C/maalik Xuseen Xasan Halgan
3 Xasan Maxamed Axmed Halgan
4 Cabdi Xasan Dhiblaawe Halgan
5 Maxamed Nuur Cusmaan Halgan
6 Sadiiq Xaashi Daahir Halgan
7 Axmed Maxamed Cabdi Halgan
8 Cabdifitaax Qaasim Axmed Halgan
9 Axmed Xaaji Muqtaar Halgan
10 Xasan Cabdulaahi Cilmi Halgan
11 Shaam Abuukar Maxamed Halgan
12 Jaabir Saalax Siidow Halgan
13 Maxamed Cabdulqaadir Cabdulaahi Halgan
14 Saciid Cusmaan Xuseen Halgan
15 Ismaaciil Maxamed Ibraahim Halgan
16 Hodan Cabdi Yuusuf Halgan
17 Nasteexo Xasan Maxamed Halgan
18 Casiiso Aweys Nuur Halgan
19 Shukri Ibraahin Maxamed Halgan
20 Saynab Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Halgan
21 Khadiija Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Halgan
22 Ruun Salaad Jaamac Halgan
23 Wardo Cabdulaahi xuseen Halgan
24 Saciido Cabdulaahi Xuseen Halgan
25 leylo Muxidiin Xasan Halgan
26 Maxamed Xaaji Xasan Halgan
27 Cabdiraxmaan Dhuubopw Muuse Halgan
28 Xasan Isaaq Ibraahin Halgan
29 Maxamed maxamuud Cumar Halgan
30 Ifraax Cumar Bashiir Halgan
31 Sakariye Aadan Maxamed Halgan
32 Xamdi Cabdiraxmaan Xaaji Maxamed Halgan
33 Aweys Xasan Jimcaale Halgan
34 Abdulkadir Rooble Guuleed Halgan
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Cabdi Risaq Cumar Maxamud Jabuti
2 Khaalid Cabdi casiis Maxamud Jabuti
3 Cabdi risaaq Cabdulahi cali Jabuti
4 Khaalid Axmed Maxamuud Jabuti
5 Maxamed Axmed Diinle Jabuti
6 Mustaf Maxamed Cabdulaahi Jabuti
7 Xasan Maxamuud Maxamed Jabuti
8 Ismaaciil Axmed Diinle Jabuti
9 C/qadir Max’ed C/laahi Jabuti
10 C/qaadir Musamil C/qaadir Jabuti
11 Deeqo Shiikh Xuseen Isxaaq Jabuti
12 Samiira Xasan Axmed Jabuti
13 Caasho Axmed Aadan Jabuti
14 C/laahi Tahliil Aadan Jabuti
15 Malyuun C/maam Iimaan Jabuti
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Ayanle Abdirahman Warsame Bustale
2 Abdikafi Ahmed Ali Bustale
3 Abdikarim Elmi Mohamud Bustale
4 Ahmed Abukar Halane Bustale
5 Abdikadir Mohamed Ibrahim Bustale
6 Abdirisak Abdullahi Mohamed Bustale
7 Abdirahman Abdi-Tawab Mohamud Bustale
8 Eydarus Abdullahi Muhudin Bustale
9 Idman Yusuf Ibrahim Bustale
10 Juweria Mohamed Ibrahim Bustale
11 Mohamed Moallim Muse Ali Bustale
12 Mohamud Ibrahim Sh. Mohamed Bustale
13 Mustafa Ali Salad Bustale
14 Mohamed Ibrahim Osman Bustale
15 Nimo’ Abdikadir Ali Bustale
16 Osman Mohamed Iman Bustale
17 Yusuf Mohamed Ali Bustale
18 Yusuf Jim’ale Mohamed Bustale
19 Maryan Ibrahim Dahir Bustale
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Xasan Cabdirixman Cilmi Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
2 Max’ed Tahliil Xasan Aadan Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
3 C/llaahi Max’ed Max’ud Maalin Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
4 Nuur Cumar Rooble Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
5 Nuur Cabdi Cumar Abshir Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
6 Gallad C/qaadir Max’ed Cosble Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
7 Max’ud Shiikh Max’ed Cardofe Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
8 Max’ed Khaliif Shire Xalane Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
9 C/rashiid Max’ed Ciye Nuur Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
10 Max’ed Xasan Cali Weheliye Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
11 Zekeriye Bashiir Macallin Axmed Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
12 Max’eddeeq Adan Max’ed Suudi Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
13 Bashiir Cali Max’ed Suudi Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
14 Qamar Macallin C/llaahi Shiikh Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
15 Scdiyo Nuur Daahir Kaahiye Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
16 Muno Cabdi Max’ud Maalin Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
17 Xasan Max’ed Suudi Cismaan Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
18 Sacdiyo Aadan Max’ed Suudi Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
19 Ifrax Axmed Max’ud Maalin Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
20 Ayaan Axmed Diiriye Geedi Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
21 Fatxi Xasan Cunshur Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
22 Laylo Warsame Diiriye Faarax Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
23 Cabdiyare Cilmi Abshir Nuurre Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
24 Naaji Faarax Cabdulle Max’ud Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
25 Shukri Cali Macallin Axmed Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
26 Mowliid Cabdi Xaashi Kullane Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
27 Layla Nuur Cilmi Rooble Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
28 Sundus Isxaq Xirsi Rooble Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
29 Sacdiyo Cali Aadan Cismaan Ablaal (Dh/mareb)
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Aniso Max’ed Shiikh Abdi Ablaal (Guri`el)
2 A/risaq Max’ud Nuur Ablaal (Guri`el)
3 Axmed Max’ud Dahir Ablaal (Guri`el)
4 Asad Cabdi Afdhuub Ali Ablaal (Guri`el)
5 Faarax Saciid Max’ud Ablaal (Guri`el)
6 Abdijaliil Mocalin Cabdulahi Ablaal (Guri`el)
7 Hafso Max’ed Shiikh Abdi Ablaal (Guri`el)
8 Sacuud Axmed Ibraahim Ablaal (Guri`el)
9 Max’ed Axmed Max’ed Ablaal (Guri`el)
10 Mustaf Salaad Cabdille Ablaal (Guri`el)
11 Faadumo Shiikh Doon Jamac Ablaal (Guri`el)
12 Samiira Nuur Cismaan Ablaal (Guri`el)
13 Sacdiyo Cabdi Faarax Ablaal (Guri`el)
14 Tahni Salaad Aadan Roble Ablaal (Guri`el)
15 Sahra Muuse Siyaad Ablaal (Guri`el)
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Mowliid Maxamad Samatar Al-Rahman
2 C/raxman C/qadir Mohamed Al-Rahman
3 Siciid C/qadir Xirsi Cali Al-Rahman
4 Daadir Maxamuud Dadir Al-Rahman
5 Jamaal C/nasir Cali Al-Rahman
6 Cabdalla Aadam Axmad Al-Rahman
7 Maxamud Maxamd Cisman Al-Rahman
8 C/rashid Maxamud Guled Al-Rahman
9 C/nur Axmad Jaamac Al-Rahman
10 Cabdalla C/waxid C/lahi Al-Rahman
11 Axmad Cabdi Axmad Farax Al-Rahman
12 C/raxman Xuseen Maxamad Al-Rahman
13 Cali Maxamuud Muuse Al-Rahman
14 C/raxman Cali Siciid Al-Rahman
15 C/lahi Axmad Jamac Al-Rahman
16 Maxamd C/lahi Maxamad Al-Rahman
17 Niciimo Maxamad Cali Al-Rahman
18 Xamdi xasan Aadam Al-Rahman
19 Sowdo Maxamud Xasan Al-Rahman
20 Sacdiyo Axmad Cigal Al-Rahman
21 Axmad C/raxman Maxamud Al-Rahman
22 Axmad Maxamud Xusen Al-Rahman
23 Bashiir Garaad cali Al-Rahman
24 Nastex Khadar Sugule Al-Rahman
25 C/waxid cilmi warsame Al-Rahman
26 Xamud C/lahi Warsame Al-Rahman
27 Maxamad Maxamud Xusen Al-Rahman
28 Maxamad C/rsiaq Yusuf Al-Rahman
29 Dahir Shiek Hussein Mohamed Al-Rahman
30 Najmo Adam Maxamad Al-Rahman
31 Nastexo Cisman Maxamud Al-Rahman
32 Jamac C/raxman Maxamad Al-Rahman
33 Shukri C/raxman Cali Al-Rahman
34 Sucdi C/kheyr Maxamad Al-Rahman
35 C/rsiaq Muse Xusen Al-Rahman
36 Shafici C/wali Axmad Al-Rahman
37 C/lahi Maxamad Jamac Al-Rahman
38 Maxamd Cabdi Jamac Al-Rahman
39 C/kheyr maxamad farax Al-Rahman
40 Nacimo C/wali Axmad Al-Rahman
41 Cabas cali Aadam Al-Rahman
42 Maxamad Xirsi Xasan Al-Rahman
43 maxamad jamac cabdule Al-Rahman
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Ibrahim Jamac xasan surre Imamu A’shafie
2 A/man Moh;ed Abukar Mohed Imamu A’shafie
3 A/casis Moh’ed Hodey Omer Imamu A’shafie
4 Sadam Husen Moh’ed Nur Imamu A’shafie
5 A/hi Maxamud Cabdi farax Imamu A’shafie
6 A/risaq Cali dhiblabe Siyad Imamu A’shafie
7 A/Karin  Moh’ed Husen Dhubow Imamu A’shafie
8 Moh’ed Abdi Ise Cabdi Imamu A’shafie
9 Muqtar Abdi Yusuf Max’uud Imamu A’shafie
10 Dahir Aadan Ali  Moh’ed Imamu A’shafie
11 Yaxye Asad Dahir H. Husen Imamu A’shafie
12 Muqtar Yusuf Olow Ceynte Imamu A’shafie
13 Moh’ed Hasan Ali Osman Imamu A’shafie
14 Omer Abddulkadir Osman  Muhumad Imamu A’shafie
15 Moh’ed Daud Sidow Ali Imamu A’shafie
16 Moh’ed A/dir   Hasan Imamu A’shafie
17 A/man Adan  Arwax Awayle Imamu A’shafie
18 Yusuf Abdi Ibrahin Aadan Imamu A’shafie
19 Husein Hasan Geedi Yaauud Imamu A’shafie
20 Sowdo  Moh’ed Roble Nuur Imamu A’shafie
21 Qaali Ahmed Nageye Gaabow Imamu A’shafie
22 Yasmiin Muhidin Alasow wehliye Imamu A’shafie
23 Seynab Ahmed Aweys Osman Imamu A’shafie
24 Ayan Omer Ali Sugow Imamu A’shafie
25 Safiyo Ibrahin Sharif Mumin Imamu A’shafie
26 Khadro Nur Amin Maquul Imamu A’shafie
27 Fatxo Yusuf Olow Ceynte Imamu A’shafie
28 Sahro Adan Abdi Guhaad Imamu A’shafie
29 Bisharo  Moh’ed Adan Dahir Imamu A’shafie
30 Maryan Max’ud Guled Farah Imamu A’shafie
31 Jamac A/man A/hi Adan Imamu A’shafie
32 Muqtar Max;ud Nur Ali Imamu A’shafie
35 Jamilo  Moh’ed A/hi Hasan Imamu A’shafie
37 A/man Ahmed Adow Abdule Imamu A’shafie
38 Ardo A/hi Hasan Nuur Imamu A’shafie
S/n Name of Student School Name
2 Cabdulaahi Xasan  Cumar Arafat
3 Deeqo Cabdraxmaan Cabdulaahi Arafat
4 Fartuun maxamed Sheikh Arafat
5 Fowziyo Mustaf Macallin Arafat
6 Naciimo Axmed Maxamed Arafat
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abdirahman Hasan Salad Hirsi SYL Caymis
2 Mohamed Ali Husein Mohamud SYL Caymis
3 Asho Ali Husein Adan SYL Caymis
4 Fardowso Ali Osman Dirshe SYL Caymis
5 Asho Abdulahi Abdulle Husein SYL Caymis
6 Zakarie Duran Husein Adan SYL Caymis
7 Abdulqadir A/rahman A/lahi  Hassan SYL Caymis
8 Dahir Abdi Mohamed Abdulle SYL Caymis
9 Omar Mohamed Ali Osoble SYL Caymis
10 Safio Hasan A/rashid Ahmed SYL Caymis
11 Sa’dio Mohamed Warsame Matan SYL Caymis
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 A/kadir Ibrahim Ali Abdi SYL Zope
2 Abdulahi Ibrahim Mohamed Moh’ud SYL Zope
3 Abdinasir Jeylani Abdi Hassan SYL Zope
4 Abdinasir Mohamed Aadan Ali SYL Zope
5 Abdirahim A/qadir Hassan Moh’ud SYL Zope
6 Abdullahi Muse Rage Abdi SYL Zope
7 Amino Adan Ali Hassan SYL Zope
8 Ayanle Ibrahim Mohamed Ali SYL Zope
9 Esse Hasan Osman Ahmed SYL Zope
10 Farhan Esse Mohamed Ahmed SYL Zope
11 Fuad Dahir Ahmed Halane SYL Zope
12 Hani Abdulle Alasow Mohamed SYL Zope
13 Hassan Dahir Ahmed Halane SYL Zope
14 Hassankafi Mohamed Aadan Hashi SYL Zope
15 Hodan Ahmed Osman Kulane SYL Zope
16 Ifrah Jama’ Hussien Mohamed SYL Zope
17 Jibril Abdi Mohamed  Osman SYL Zope
18 Mahad Ahmed Aadan Hussein SYL Zope
20 Mohamed Abdi Dahir Sahal SYL Zope
21 Mohamed Abdi Hassan Wardhere SYL Zope
22 Mohamed Abdullahi Moh’ed A/llahi SYL Zope
23 Mohamed Dahir Ashkir  Dirshe SYL Zope
24 Moh’ed Dahir Shiikh doon  Kahiye SYL Zope
25 Mohamed Hussein Nur Mohamud SYL Zope
26 Nimco Mohamud Dini Yusuf SYL Zope
27 Mustaf Abdi Hussein Ahmed SYL Zope
28 Nastexo  Ahmed  Sh. doon  Farah SYL Zope
29 Ridwan Sahal Said Hussein SYL Zope
30 Said Yasin Diriye Wacays SYL Zope
31 Yahye Mohamed Shiikh Osman SYL Zope
32 Yasmin Mohamed Shiikh Osman SYL Zope
34 Duran Abdi Hussein Igal SYL Zope
35 Duran Moh’ed Moh’ud Moh’ed SYL Zope
36 Abdiladhif Sharif Esse Nur SYL Zope
37 Siciid Mohamed Mohamud Farah SYL Zope
38 Ismail Abdi Ahmed Mohamud SYL Zope
39 Liban Muse Abdulle Jimcale SYL Zope
40 Abdullhi Khalif Ali Hirsi SYL Zope
41 Abdirazak A/llahi Roble Warsame SYL Zope
42 Yusuf Jeylani  Osman  Ali SYL Zope
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 A/kadir Sh. Moh’ud Halane Jim’ale SYL Elasha
2 Bile Hassan Hashi Abdi SYL Elasha
3 Galad Ali-Hashi Elmi Farah SYL Elasha
4 Hafso Abduahi Osman Siad SYL Elasha
5 Hamdi Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed SYL Elasha
6 Ifrah Khalif Omar Hirsi SYL Elasha
7 Jamilo Esse Hasan Adulle SYL Elasha
8 Moh’ed A/rahman Muhumud Osman SYL Elasha
9 Mustaf Hussein Omar Ahmed SYL Elasha
10 Nasro Abdi Hassan Ibar SYL Elasha
11 Nuh Abdulhi Osman Siad SYL Elasha
12 Omar Yusuf Ali Mohamed SYL Elasha
13 Safiyo Abdulahi Osman Siad SYL Elasha
14 Sagal Abdi Mohamud Elmi SYL Elasha
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 A/hakin Abdulahi Hussein Kulmiye SYL 2 dhagax
2 Abdulkadir Abdulahi Abdi Adan SYL 2 dhagax
3 Abdiqani Dahir Geelle Mohamed SYL 2 dhagax
4 Abdirahman Ahmed Abdi Caroole SYL 2 dhagax
5 Abdirahman Dahir Geelle Mohamed SYL 2 dhagax
6 Ahmed Abdi Ahmed Culusow SYL 2 dhagax
7 Ali Abdulahi Warsame Ali SYL 2 dhagax
8 Asho Hasan Ibrahim Jimcale SYL 2 dhagax
9 Ayanle Ilyas Keynan Ali SYL 2 dhagax
10 Faiso Abdi Osman Shuke SYL 2 dhagax
11 Fardowso Mohamud Yusuf Warsame SYL 2 dhagax
12 Hani Ahmed Mohamed Gabeyre SYL 2 dhagax
13 Hassan Abdirahman Moh’ud Moh’ed SYL 2 dhagax
14 Hassan Shire Mohamud Ciyow SYL 2 dhagax
15 Hodan Abdi Mohamud Warsame SYL 2 dhagax
16 Hukun Abdiaziz Jimcale Mohamed SYL 2 dhagax
17 Ifrax Abukar Hasan Abdulahi SYL 2 dhagax
18 Iman Salad Mohamed Sahal SYL 2 dhagax
19 Qadra Moh’mud Dahir Nour SYL 2 dhagax
20 Liban Hasan Mohamud Mohamed SYL 2 dhagax
21 Mahad Abdi Hasan Erag SYL 2 dhagax
22 Mohamed Shafici Adan Salah SYL 2 dhagax
23 Mohamed Tahlil Hassan Abdi SYL 2 dhagax
24 Muhubo Abdi Farah Abdulle SYL 2 dhagax
25 Osman Abdulhi Hussein Du’ale SYL 2 dhagax
26 Rayan Mohamud Yusuf Warsame SYL 2 dhagax
27 Shafici Dahir Colow Socdal SYL 2 dhagax
28 Shukri Muse Omar Hussein SYL 2 dhagax
29 Sidik Ali Qasim Abdulle SYL 2 dhagax
30 Yasmin Mohamed Ahmed Sahal SYL 2 dhagax
31 Ahmed Abdi Mohamud Elmi SYL 2 dhagax
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Ilyaas Max’ud Xusen Global
2 Max’ed C/hi Yacquub Global
3 C/man Muuse Xassan Global
4 Xamdi Max’ed Caraay Global
5 Naciimo Carabow C/lle Global
6 Xamdi Cali Gacal Global
7 Naciimo Xuseen Xersi Global
8 C/di Kariin C/hi Cumar Global
9 Ibrahim Muxudin Xaamud Global
10 Haajiro Abshir Qadar Global
11 Faadumo Cismaan Fardax Global
12 Nastexo Mowliid Fardax Global
13 Ibrahim Axmed Max’ud Global
14 Ismaciil C/lle Max’ud Global
15 Haajir C/hi Sheekh Cali Global
16 Max’ed Max’ud Carraale Global
17 Zakariye Suleemaan M’ed Global
18 Xassan Calasow Cosobow Global
19 Max’ed Xassan Saneey Global
20 C/di Salaan Xassan M. Max’ud Global
21 Liibaan Cali Mocow Global
22 Xassan Muxudiin Xassan Global
23 Ismaaciil Cali Max’ud Global
24 Yacquub Axmed Ibraahim Global
25 Liibaan Mowliid Muxumud Global
26 Axmed Cali Rooble Global
27 C/man Mahdi Cali Global
28 Ifraax Cali Axmed Global
29 Maandeeq Cali Mocow Global
30 Yaasmiin Cali Max’ud Global
31 Farxiyo Sh Max’ud Cusmaan Global
32 Iqro Muktaar Axmed Global
33 Idil Max’ud Xuseen Global
34 Ibraahim Max’ud Muuse Global
35 Liibaan C/qadir Cabdi Global
36 C/qadir C/hi Max’ed Global
37 C/hi Max’ed Jimcaale Global
38 Ismaaciil Max’ed Jimcaale Global
39 C/man Xassan Gedi Global
40 Naaleeye Cabdi Axmed Global
41 Cumar Siyaad Saaqeey Global
42 Caamir Jeylaani C/man Global
43 Xafso Macallin Xassan Max’ud Global
44 Najmo Yuusuf Cali Global
45 Xamdi Carab Calasow Global
46 Siciid C/hi Abuukar Global
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abdirahman Haji Ahmed Nor Banadir-Zone
2 Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Banadir-Zone
3 Da’ud Sh. Sa’id Ahmed Banadir-Zone
4 Abdulahi Mohamoud Jil’ow Banadir-Zone
5 Farhan Aynab Abdulle Banadir-Zone
6 Mohamed Abdulahi Qulle Banadir-Zone
7 Mowlid Ahmed Ali Banadir-Zone
8 Abdulahi Mohamed Ali Banadir-Zone
9 Abas Omar Hirabe Banadir-Zone
10 Mohamed Ali Mohamed Banadir-Zone
11 Mohamed Abdulahi Ilmi Banadir-Zone
12 Mohudin Omar Yusuf Banadir-Zone
13 Hassan Mohamoud Mohamed Banadir-Zone
14 Abdirahman Ahmed Adow Banadir-Zone
15 Abdirizak Hussein Adam Banadir-Zone
16 Hussein Haji Mohamoud Dhore Banadir-Zone
17 Abdirahman Mohudin Mohamed Banadir-Zone
18 Ahmed Abdulahi Hussein Banadir-Zone
19 Abdi salam Ahmed Mohamoud Banadir-Zone
20 Abdulahi Hoshey Araye Banadir-Zone
21 Abdifitah  Ali   Adam Banadir-Zone
22 Awil A/kadir Abdi Banadir-Zone
23 Aweys Jeylani Mohamed Banadir-Zone
24 Sa’id Abdulahi Mohamed Banadir-Zone
25 Ali Mohudin Araye Banadir-Zone
26 A/kadir Dahir Omar Banadir-Zone
27 Liban Mohamed Negeye Banadir-Zone
28 Mohamed Mohamoud Hassan Banadir-Zone
29 Abdirahman Ahmed  Abdulahi Banadir-Zone
30 Abdirahin Ahmed Abdulahi Banadir-Zone
31 Wehliye Abdulahi Wehliye Banadir-Zone
32 Mohamed Omar So’dal Banadir-Zone
33 Omar Hussein Ahmed Banadir-Zone
34 Abdirahman Abdulahi Hassan Banadir-Zone
35 Mohamed Abdi Ali Banadir-Zone
36 Adam Ali Id Mohamed Banadir-Zone
37 Yasin Hassan Abdalla Banadir-Zone
38 Mahad Ali Mohamoud Banadir-Zone
39 A/rizak Hussein Mohamoud Banadir-Zone
40 Abdulahi Mohamoud Nor Banadir-Zone
41 Qali Abdulahi Ali Banadir-Zone
42 Fatima Hussein Osman Banadir-Zone
43 Fatima Hassan Abdi Banadir-Zone
44 Shamhan Mohamed Abdi Banadir-Zone
45 Safiyo Ahmed Osman Banadir-Zone
46 Na’ima Ali Adow Banadir-Zone
47 Suweys Ibrahim  Ahmed Banadir-Zone
48 Hawo Omar Hirabe Banadir-Zone
49 Fatima Ahmed Hassan Banadir-Zone
50 A/kadir Hussein Omar Banadir-Zone
51 Na’ima Ali Adam Banadir-Zone
52 Na’ima Ilmi Hirsi Banadir-Zone
53 Rahma Mohamed Rage Banadir-Zone
54 Fahima ilmi Hirsi Banadir-Zone
55 Yasmin Abulahi Mohamoud Banadir-Zone
56 Hani Ahmed Iman Banadir-Zone
57 Hodon Ahmed Iman Banadir-Zone
58 Qadro Mohamed Shuriye Banadir-Zone
59 Isra Mohamed Nor Banadir-Zone
60 Ahmed Nor Omar Yusuf Banadir-Zone
61 A/karim Abdulahin Abdi Banadir-Zone
62 A/lahi Hassan Gutale Banadir-Zone
63 Mohamed Abshir Mohamed Banadir-Zone
64 Abdirahman Abdulahi Mohamed Banadir-Zone
65 Maryan Mire Ahmed Banadir-Zone
66 Farah Ali Yabarow Banadir-Zone
67 Abdulkadir Abdirahim Mo’allim Abdi Banadir-Zone
68 Yonis Hussein Muse Banadir-Zone
69 Ali Salad Ahmed Mohamoud Banadir-Zone
70 Mohamoud Abdullahi Abdulle Banadir-Zone
71 Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed Banadir-Zone
72 Abdisalam Hussein Muse Banadir-Zone
73 Nuradin Abdi Ali Banadir-Zone
74 Anab Haji Mohamoud Ali Banadir-Zone
75 Rahmo Ahmed Ga’al Banadir-Zone
76 Safiyo Aweys Mo’allim Nor Banadir-Zone
77 Yasmin A/kadir Asir Banadir-Zone
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abdullaahi   Muxyadin   Mahad WAAMO
3 A/rahiim   Shariif   Abdullaahi WAAMO
4 A/rahman   Sheikh   Maxamuud WAAMO
5 Absame   Maxamed    Olow WAAMO
6 A/rahman      Adan     Bihi WAAMO
7 Fahmo     Cumar    Maxamed WAAMO
8 Fahmo     Muhumed   Olow WAAMO
9 Fadumo      Rashiid      Ali WAAMO
10 Yunus     Bundiid       Bishar WAAMO
11 Maryin      Maxamed        Yusuf WAAMO
12 Max’ed      Khalif        M/ hassan WAAMO
13 Muqtar      Abdi      H/bihi WAAMO
14 Nasro      Sh  C/rahmaan     Sh Abdi WAAMO
15 Nasteexo    Axmed      Abdullahi WAAMO
16 Nasro    Sh Hassan      Sh Abdi WAAMO
17 Khadro      Sh Hassan     Sh Abdi WAAMO
18 Zamzam    Bashir       Sh  A/wahab WAAMO
19 Sacdiyo       Abdi      Ibraahim WAAMO
20 Yusuf      Shariif      Ibraahim WAAMO
21 Habiibo      Ali     Ribaah WAAMO
22 Nur       Osman      Sheikh WAAMO
23 Maxamed   Muxyadin     Mahad WAAMO
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Axmed xasan Cali Somali
2 Maxamed Axmed Muxumed Somali
3 Hani c/laahi cali Somali
4 C/qaadir Xusen Xasan Somali
5 Malyuun Xusen Mx’ed Somali
6 Axmed Max’ed Xusen Somali
7 C/qani warsame osmn Somali
8 C/lahi Max’ed Cali Somali
9 Xasan C/salm C/lle Somali
10 Xasan c/casis axmed Somali
11 Xanaan Cali Cabdi Somali
12 Qaasim Xaashi Max’ed Somali
13 Abuukar Mx’ud Xasan Somali
14 Nimco Max’ud Mx’ed Somali
15 Mustaf Max’ed Mx’ud Somali
16 Fardowso Xirsi Faarax Somali
17 C/kariim Roble Dhore Somali
18 Filsan Xasan Shaciye Somali
19 Nimco Mayow Cumar Somali
20 C/qadir Mxa’ed C/lle Somali
21 Sahal Cumar Xuseen Somali
22 Nasro Max’ed Nuur Somali
23 Geele Cabdi jaamac Somali
24 Liibaan Cali Xuseen Somali
25 Mx’ed C/qadir Mx’ed Somali
26 Mx’ed Cali Cabdi Somali
27 Cismacil Mx’ed Cabdi Somali
28 Duran Axmed Cilmi Somali
29 Bashiir Max’ud Yusuf Somali
30 Axmed Mx’ed Axmed Somali
31 Asad Max’ed Max’ud Somali
32 Mudan Cabdi Xusen Somali
33 Mubarak C/Nur Jamac Somali
34 Cabdi Bootan Cali Somali
35 Cumar Mx’ed Cusman Somali
36 Fartuun Xasan Aadam Somali
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abdiaziz Musse Mohamed Adan Ablal(Elasha)
2 Abdillahi Abdi Isamel Ablal(Elasha)
3 Abdillahi Mohamoud Ahmed Ablal(Elasha)
4 Abdillahi Mohamoud Jama Ablal(Elasha)
5 Abdinasir Abdillahi Warsame Ablal(Elasha)
6 Abdinasir Hassan Warsame Ablal(Elasha)
7 Abdinasir Izak Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
8 Abdilkadir Bashir Ibrahim Ablal(Elasha)
9 Abdikani Dahir Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
10 Abdikani Yasin Haji Ali Nour Ablal(Elasha)
11 Abdirahman Mohamoud Jama Ablal(Elasha)
12 Abdirizak Adan Omar Ablal(Elasha)
13 Abdirizak Ali Jirow Ablal(Elasha)
14 Abdishakur Hassan Dirie Ablal(Elasha)
15 Abbas Ali Yabarow Ablal(Elasha)
16 Abdikadar Mohamed Farah Ablal(Elasha)
17 Abdiladif Dahir Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
18 Ahmed Abdilkadir Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
19 Ahmed Ali Roble Ablal(Elasha)
20 Ahmed Mohamed Ali Ablal(Elasha)
21 Ali Moalim Nour Ablal(Elasha)
22 Alibashi Abdikarin Ali Ablal(Elasha)
23 Alisaed Hassan Ahmed Ablal(Elasha)
24 Anisa Hassan Mire Ablal(Elasha)
25 Asad Hussein Ahmed Ablal(Elasha)
26 Asha Mohamed Ghutale Ablal(Elasha)
27 Asha Osman Abukar Ablal(Elasha)
28 Awil Hussein Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
29 Aidarus Ali Afi Ablal(Elasha)
30 Aidid Barre Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
31 Fatima Awale Dualle Ablal(Elasha)
32 Fatima Dahir Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
33 Fatima Omar Abdi Ablal(Elasha)
34 Faiza Abdilkadir Farah Ablal(Elasha)
35 Fardowsa Ali Farah Ablal(Elasha)
36 Fardowsa Mohamed Ali Ablal(Elasha)
37 Fathi Abdi Hussein Ablal(Elasha)
38 Hamdi Abdi Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
39 Hamdi Hassan Mire Ablal(Elasha)
40 Hani Abdillahi Salad Ablal(Elasha)
41 Hani Shire Hirey Ablal(Elasha)
42 Hassan Abdi Ali Ablal(Elasha)
43 Laila Mohamed Adan Ablal(Elasha)
44 Liban Hassan Siad Ablal(Elasha)
45 Sadak Ali Nour Ablal(Elasha)
46 Ma’wa Omar Abdi Ablal(Elasha)
47 Mohamed Abdillahi Elmi Ablal(Elasha)
48 Mohamed Abdillahi Jama Ablal(Elasha)
49 Mohamed Abdi Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
50 Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Ablal(Elasha)
51 Mohamed Bashir Ibrahim Ablal(Elasha)
52 Mohamed Bashir Salad Ali Ablal(Elasha)
53 Mohamed Dahir Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
54 Mohamed Hussein Yousuf Ablal(Elasha)
55 Mohamed Izak Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
56 Mohamed Omar Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
57 Mohamed Omar Hussein Musse Ablal(Elasha)
58 Mohamed Saed Abdulle Ablal(Elasha)
59 Mohamoud Abdilkadir Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
60 Mohyadin Mohamed Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
61 Muna Sheikh Osman Ablal(Elasha)
62 Na’ima Ali Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
63 Najma Ahmed Hashi Ablal(Elasha)
64 Najma Mohamed Mire Ablal(Elasha)
65 Nasteha Moallin Ali Ahmed Ablal(Elasha)
66 Nasteha Qasim Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
67 Nim’a Ahmed Hashi Ablal(Elasha)
68 Nim’a She Abdirahman Abdillahi Ablal(Elasha)
69 Khadra Hashi Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
70 Ra’wi Salad Musse Ablal(Elasha)
71 Ramla Dahir Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
72 Rukia Dahir Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
73 Sa’dia Izak Abdirahman Ablal(Elasha)
74 Safia Hersi Ali Ablal(Elasha)
75 Shafi’I Adan Farah Ablal(Elasha)
76 Saed Mohamed Moalim Hussein Ablal(Elasha)
77 Salad Abdillahi Farah Ablal(Elasha)
78 Shafi’I Shire Hirey Ablal(Elasha)
79 Sharma’arke Ahmed Warsame Ablal(Elasha)
80 Shukri Abdiaziz Qorane Ablal(Elasha)
81 Sumaya Abdi Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
82 Yahye Nour Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
83 Yasir Dahir Farah Ablal(Elasha)
84 Yonis Khalif Elmi Ablal(Elasha)
85 Zakarie Abdirahman Ahmed Ablal(Elasha)
86 Abdifitah Abdi Jama Ablal(Elasha)
87 Abdinajib Abukar Izak Ablal(Elasha)
88 Abdinasir Ali Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
89 Abdirahim Musse Sheikh Ablal(Elasha)
90 Abdirahman Adan Ali Ablal(Elasha)
91 Abdirahman Hassan Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
92 Abdikadar Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
93 Abdilkadir Ali Ibrahim Ablal(Elasha)
94 Abdillahi Adan Ali Ablal(Elasha)
95 Abdillahi Ibrahim Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
96 Abdillahi Mahdi Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
97 Abdillahi Mohamed Jama Ablal(Elasha)
98 Abdilkadir Hashi Ugas Farah Ablal(Elasha)
99 Abdilkadir Hersi Malin Ablal(Elasha)
100 Adan Ali Yousuf Ablal(Elasha)
101 Ahmed Dahir Shire Ablal(Elasha)
102 Amran Jama Dirie Ablal(Elasha)
103 Asad Abdirahman Salad Ablal(Elasha)
104 Aweis Abdikani Ahmed Ablal(Elasha)
105 Ayub Abdirahman Abshir Ablal(Elasha)
106 Bishara Omar Ali Ablal(Elasha)
107 Fatima Hashi Ugas Farah Ablal(Elasha)
108 Fartun Hussein Abdillahi Ablal(Elasha)
109 Hiba Abdillahi Sheikh Ablal(Elasha)
110 Hafza Mohamoud Ali Ablal(Elasha)
111 Hamdi Ali -Saed Mohamud Ablal(Elasha)
112 Hamdi Hussein Mire Ablal(Elasha)
113 Hani Isse Hildid Ablal(Elasha)
114 Ilyas Ahmed Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
115 Ismail Mohamed Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
116 Jamal Abdillahi Nuh Ablal(Elasha)
117 Karima Mohamed Hashi Ablal(Elasha)
118 Liban Abdillahi Nour Ablal(Elasha)
119 Maryan Mohamed Osman Ablal(Elasha)
120 Mohamed Abdirahman Tifow Ablal(Elasha)
121 Mohamed Abdilkarim Adan Ablal(Elasha)
122 Mohamed Abdillahi Ali Ablal(Elasha)
123 Mohamed Hussein Abdulle Ablal(Elasha)
124 Mohamed Salad Farah Ablal(Elasha)
125 Mohamed Sadik Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
126 Mohameddek Omar  Wehlie Ablal(Elasha)
127 Mohyadin Hashi Hersi Ablal(Elasha)
128 Nasteha Nour Abdi Ablal(Elasha)
129 Khadra Ali Dirie Ablal(Elasha)
130 Qamar Abdirahman Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
131 Rahma Hussein Ali Ablal(Elasha)
132 Rowda Hersi Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
133 Sadam Abdirizak Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
134 Sadam Ali Hussein Ablal(Elasha)
135 Sada Omar Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
136 Safia Hashi Ugas Farah Ablal(Elasha)
137 Sayidomar Abdillahi Ahmed Ablal(Elasha)
138 Shamsa Mohamed Hussein Ablal(Elasha)
139 Sharma’arke Ahmed Kullane Ablal(Elasha)
140 Sharma’arke Mohamed Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
141 Warda Hassan Farah Ablal(Elasha)
142 Yahye Mohamed Abdi Ablal(Elasha)
143 Yousuf Sulaiman Mohamoud Ablal(Elasha)
144 Liban Abdirahman Salad Ablal(Elasha)
145 Nim’a Wehlie Osman Ablal(Elasha)
146 Abdifitah Mohamoud Abdillahi Ablal(Elasha)
147 Abdifitah Yousuf Suldan Ablal(Elasha)
148 Abdidek Mohamoud Nour Ablal(Elasha)
149 Aisha Sheikh Ibrahim Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
150 Amina Ali Abdulle Ablal(Elasha)
151 Fa’iza Ahmed Farah Ablal(Elasha)
152 Hamdi Abdirahman Farah Ablal(Elasha)
153 Hanad Bashir Hassan Ablal(Elasha)
154 Hassan Abdirahman Elmi Ablal(Elasha)
155 Ikram Hassan Osman Ablal(Elasha)
156 Ilhan Khalif Omar Ablal(Elasha)
157 Maryan Ali Jim’ale Ablal(Elasha)
158 Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
159 Nasteha Ahmed Farah Ablal(Elasha)
160 Khadra Awale Du’alle Ablal(Elasha)
161 Sa’dia Hassan Ghutale Ablal(Elasha)
162 Samale Ahmed Yousuf Ablal(Elasha)
163 Shafi’I Khalif Mohamed Ablal(Elasha)
164 Shukri Abdirahman Farah Ablal(Elasha)
165 Zamzam Artan Adan Ablal(Elasha)
166 Farhia Salad Hashi Ablal(Elasha)
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abdinour Abdillahi Salad Ablal (Taleh)
2 Abdihakin Khalif Abshir Ablal (Taleh)
3 Abdikafi Osman Dini Ablal (Taleh)
4 Abdinasir Adan Abdirahman Ablal (Taleh)
5 Adinasir Mursal Ali Ablal (Taleh)
6 Ahmed Mohamed Adan Ablal (Taleh)
7 Ahmednour Abdilkadir Yousuf Ablal (Taleh)
8 Ali Adan Ibrahim Hussein Ablal (Taleh)
9 Ali Ahmed Farah Hassan Ablal (Taleh)
10 Ali Hassan Nour Abdi Ablal (Taleh)
11 Ali Mohamed Abdulle Afrah Ablal (Taleh)
12 Ali Nour Ali Gerdi Ablal (Taleh)
13 Anfa’ Adan Mohamed Hussein Ablal (Taleh)
14 Binti Mohamed Ahmed Adan Ablal (Taleh)
15 Abdikarin Saed Ghedi Barkhadle Ablal (Taleh)
16 Abdillahi Ahmed Yousuf Mohamed Ablal (Taleh)
17 Abdirahman Mohamed Sharif Ablal (Taleh)
18 Fatima Nour Mohamed Hassan Ablal (Taleh)
19 Fatima Ali Mohamed Awale Ablal (Taleh)
20 Fatima Abdirahman Mohamoud Ablal (Taleh)
21 Fa’iza Ismael Mursal Idris Ablal (Taleh)
22 Farhia Ali Yousuf Ahmed Ablal (Taleh)
23 Farhia Abdilkadir Mohamed Abdi Ablal (Taleh)
24 Farhia Mohamoud Mohamed Ablal (Taleh)
25 Fowzia Abdilkadir Mohamed Abdi Ablal (Taleh)
26 Fowzia Saed Hersi Osman Ablal (Taleh)
27 Na’ima Mohamoud Abdulle Ablal (Taleh)
28 Halima Abukar Abdi Ali Ablal (Taleh)
29 Hamdi Abdillahi Hussein Hashi Ablal (Taleh)
30 Hodan Mohamed Dalel Farah Ablal (Taleh)
31 Ibrahim Mohamoud Mohamed Ablal (Taleh)
32 Ikra Abdi Ad ‘ed Dirshe Ablal (Taleh)
33 Jama Warsame Mohamed Abdulle Ablal (Taleh)
34 Liban Abdilkadir Dirie Warsame Ablal (Taleh)
35 Liban Khalif Ahmed Mohamoud Ablal (Taleh)
36 Mandek Ali Izak Ibrahim Ablal (Taleh)
37 Mohamed Ali Ahmed Halane Ablal (Taleh)
38 Mohamed Ali Mohamoud Ibar Ablal (Taleh)
39 Mohamed Aweis Sharif Ablal (Taleh)
40 Mohamed Abdillahi Abdi Omar Ablal (Taleh)
41 Mohamed Mohamoud Hassan Ali Ablal (Taleh)
42 Mohamoud Omar Moalim Ibrahim Ablal (Taleh)
43 Maslah Khalif Ahmed Muhumed Ablal (Taleh)
44 Salah Abdi Ali Olow Ablal (Taleh)
45 Ridwan Ahmed Abdi Ablal (Taleh)
46 Mursal Mohamoud Salad Hor Ablal (Taleh)
47 Na’ima Abdirahman Moalim Ahmed Ablal (Taleh)
48 Na’ima Abdihakin Dahir Osman Ablal (Taleh)
49 Rabi’a Hassan Abdi Mohamed Ablal (Taleh)
50 Sadik Abdillahi Abdi Halane Ablal (Taleh)
51 Sa’dia Saed Hersi Osman Ablal (Taleh)
52 Sagal Salad Osman Roble Ablal (Taleh)
53 Zahra Saed Hersi Osman Ablal (Taleh)
54 Salad Iye Sheikh Mohamed Halane Ablal (Taleh)
55 Samia Ali Abdi Farah Ablal (Taleh)
56 Shafi’e Dahir Mohamoud Iyow Ablal (Taleh)
57 Shuaib Mohamoud Adan Ablal (Taleh)
58 Siham Idris Omar Ahmed Ablal (Taleh)
59 Sulaiman Hassan Ali Mohamed Ablal (Taleh)
60 Ubah Ahmed Jama Mohamed Ablal (Taleh)
61 Ubah Salad Osman Roble Ablal (Taleh)
62 Ya’qub Hassan Jelle Weer Ablal (Taleh)
63 Zakarie Abdilkadir Ali Iman Ablal (Taleh)
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abbas Mohamed Mudey Ablal(Heliwaa)
2 Abdifitah Ali Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
3 Abdifitah Mohamed Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
4 Abdihafid Hassan Musse Ablal(Heliwaa)
5 Abdikafi Ali Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
6 Abdikarin Dahir Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
7 Abdimahad Ahmed Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
8 Abdinasir Ibrahim Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
9 Abdirahman Mohamed Dualle Ablal(Heliwaa)
10 Abdirahman Ahmed Iman Ablal(Heliwaa)
11 Abdirahman Da’ud Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
12 Abdirahman Mohamed Salad Ablal(Heliwaa)
13 Abdirahman Mohamed Farah Ablal(Heliwaa)
14 Abdirahman Nour Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
15 Abdirahman Omar Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
16 Abdirizak Mohamed Ibrahim Ablal(Heliwaa)
17 Abdishakur Mahdi Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
18 Abdiwali Abdillahi Mire Ablal(Heliwaa)
19 Abdillahi Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
20 Abdillahi Omar Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
21 Abdillahi Mohamed Osman Ablal(Heliwaa)
22 Abdifitah Mohamed Hassan Ablal(Heliwaa)
23 Abukar Mohamed Mudey Ablal(Heliwaa)
24 Ahmed Omar Nour Ablal(Heliwaa)
25 Ahmed Nour Hersi Ablal(Heliwaa)
26 Anab Osman Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
27 Anfa’ Abdillahi Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
28 Ashraf Ahmed Adan Ablal(Heliwaa)
29 Ayanle Ali Abdulle Ablal(Heliwaa)
30 Deka Abdillahi Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
31 Hamdi Osman Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
32 Hamdi Warsame Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
33 Hani Abdi Ibrahim Ablal(Heliwaa)
34 Hassan Mohamed Mursal Ablal(Heliwaa)
35 Hiba Abdillahi Mohamed Elmi Ablal(Heliwaa)
36 Ilyas Abdikarin Hussein Ablal(Heliwaa)
37 Isse Hashi Haile Ablal(Heliwaa)
38 Isse Salad Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
39 Kowther Omar Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
40 Liban Hassan Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
41 Mahad Abdillahi Hassan Ablal(Heliwaa)
42 Mahad Salad Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
43 Mohamed Ahmed Kabah Ablal(Heliwaa)
44 Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
45 Mohamed Saed Olad Ablal(Heliwaa)
46 Mohamoud Hassan Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
47 Mulki Khalif Yare Ablal(Heliwaa)
48 Nasra Ali Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
49 Nasra Hussein Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
50 Nasteha Abdillahi Hassan Ablal(Heliwaa)
51 Sagal Hersi Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
52 Sa’id Ali Tahlil Ablal(Heliwaa)
53 Salim Mohamed Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
54 Shukri Abdillahi Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
55 Shukri Mohamed Dirie Ablal(Heliwaa)
56 Ya’qub Salad Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
57 Yousuf Ali Samatar Ablal(Heliwaa)
58 Abdi Mohamed Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
59 Abdifitah Abdi Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
60 Abdillahi Abdi Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
61 Abdillahi Abdiaziz Osman Ablal(Heliwaa)
62 Abdillahi Ahmed Dalel Ablal(Heliwaa)
63 Abdiwali Abdillahi Hussein Ablal(Heliwaa)
64 Abdillahi Nour Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
65 Abdillahi Osman Musse Ablal(Heliwaa)
66 Abdillahi Salad Yousuf Ablal(Heliwaa)
67 Abdirahman Afrah Siad Ablal(Heliwaa)
68 Abdirahman Hersi Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
69 Abdirizak Abdiaziz Osman Ablal(Heliwaa)
70 Abdirizak Hassan Sadik Ablal(Heliwaa)
71 Abdirizak Hersi Hashi Ablal(Heliwaa)
72 Abdisalan Abdillahi Isse Ablal(Heliwaa)
73 Abdiwali Abdulle Shire Ablal(Heliwaa)
74 Adan Mohamed Hassan Ablal(Heliwaa)
75 Ahmed Ibrahim Osman Ablal(Heliwaa)
76 Ahmed Isse Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
77 Ahmed Mohamed Haidar Ablal(Heliwaa)
78 Ali Khalif Farah Ablal(Heliwaa)
79 Asha Elmi Mohamoud Ablal(Heliwaa)
80 Ayan Hussein  Adan Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
81 Bihi Omar Wehlie Ablal(Heliwaa)
82 Bishara Ahmed Dalel Ablal(Heliwaa)
83 Dahir Hassan Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
84 Fa’iza Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
85 Fardowsa Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
86 Fartun Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
87 Hamdi Bashir Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
88 Hamdi Omar Hussein Ablal(Heliwaa)
89 Hamdi Omar Osman Ablal(Heliwaa)
90 Hassan Nour Arrale Ablal(Heliwaa)
91 Horia Abdilkadir Afi Ablal(Heliwaa)
92 Hussein Musse Nour Ablal(Heliwaa)
93 Ifrah Salad Hassan Ablal(Heliwaa)
94 Ikra Mohamed Osman Ablal(Heliwaa)
95 Liban Abdi Qasim Ablal(Heliwaa)
96 Mahad Hussein Abdillahi Ablal(Heliwaa)
97 Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
98 Mohamed Ahmed Abdillahi Ablal(Heliwaa)
99 Mohamed Ahmed Dalel Ablal(Heliwaa)
100 Mohamed Ali Adan Ablal(Heliwaa)
101 Mohamed Salad Kadie Ablal(Heliwaa)
102 Na’ima Mohamed Yousuf Ablal(Heliwaa)
103 Na’ima Sheikh Osman Abdillahi Ablal(Heliwaa)
104 Nasteha Abdillahi Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
105 Omar Hassan Ali Ablal(Heliwaa)
106 Osman Abdillahi Abdi Ablal(Heliwaa)
107 Sadam Idris Omar Ablal(Heliwaa)
108 Sa’dia Omar Osman Ablal(Heliwaa)
109 Sa’dia Osman Ahmed Ablal(Heliwaa)
110 Sayi-Ali Maollim Abdullahi Amin Ablal(Heliwaa)
111 Sayidali Abdillahi Hussein Gutale Ablal(Heliwaa)
112 Shamsa Ahmed Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
113 Shukri Hussein Abdi Ablal(Heliwaa)
114 Sumaya Mohamoud Elmi Ablal(Heliwaa)
115 Ubah Salad Hassan Ablal(Heliwaa)
116 Yasin Abdi Alas Ablal(Heliwaa)
117 Zahra Ali Mohamed Ablal(Heliwaa)
118 Mohamed Abdi Iman Ablal(Heliwaa)
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Idil Nour Said Garissa
2 Ayan Jama’a Ahmed Garissa
3 Su’ad Jama’a Awad Garissa
4 Mukhtar Mohamed Ali Garissa
5 Khadar Abdi Farah Garissa
6 Yakub ALI Abdi Garissa
7 Mohamed Abdi Hirsi Garissa
8 Shu’eb Ahmed Muse Garissa
9 Ahmed Dahir  Mire Garissa
10 Mohamed Abas Said Garissa
11 Abdirahman Abdulahi  Salah Garissa
12 Ahmed Mohamed Abdirahman Garissa
13 Ahmed Sahal Abdi Garissa
14 Ifrah Jama’a Ahmed Garissa
15 Jama’a Abdikadir Mohamed Garissa
16 Abdulahi Ali Artan Garissa
17 Hussein Osman Hussein Garissa
18 Sahra Jama’a Awad Garissa
19 Mohamed Ali Ismail Garissa
20 Mohamed Awad Jama’a Awad Garissa
21 Abdirashid Mohamud Elmi Garissa
22 Abdikadir Abshir  Shire Garissa
23 Rukio Kassim Osman Garissa
24 Abdullahi Yusuf Mohamud Garissa
26 Ibrahim Salah Abdi Garissa
27 Mohamed jama’a Ali Garissa
28 Samiro Hirsi Aden Garissa
29 Mubarak  Abdulah Salah Garissa
30 Fowsiyo Mohamed Mohamud Garissa
31 Fatumo Abdikadir Bile Garissa
32 Isse Salad Dalmar Garissa
33 Mohamed Kassim Osman Garissa
34 Abdulahi Farah yusuf Garissa
35 Mohamud Osman Omar Garissa
36 Barkhad Isse Mohamed Garissa
37 Abdulahi Nour Ahmed Garissa
38 Mohamud Ahmed Shire Garissa
39 axmed hassan geedi Garissa
40 absalam abdulahi isse Garissa
41 abdihakim husein abdikarim Garissa
42 saed hussein mohamed Garissa
43 abdifatah abdiwahid ali Garissa
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Halimo Hassan Mohamed Al-Bilad
2 A/rashi Ahmed Mo’alim Al-Bilad
3 Nadif A/qadir Warsame Al-Bilad
4 Mohamed Siyad Shire Al-Bilad
5 Ayan Osman Hassan Al-Bilad
6 Khadro Sa’di Mohamed Al-Bilad
7 Shire Abdi Shiekh Al-Bilad
8 Asho Nour Roble Al-Bilad
9 Ahmed A/lahi Ahmed Al-Bilad
10 A/lahi Mohamed Warsame Al-Bilad
11 Sharif Mohamud Dirie Al-Bilad
12 Zeynab Yasin Hassan Al-Bilad
13 Shamso Bashir  Osman Al-Bilad
14 Fadumo Ahmed Kadiye Al-Bilad
15 Nuh Mohamed Da’ud Al-Bilad
16 Faiso Ahmed Mohamed Al-Bilad
17 Samiro Osman Hussien Al-Bilad
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Abas Ali Husein Alim Alpha KM4
2 Abdiasis Mah’ed Ali Hassan Alpha KM4
3 Abdiasis Moh’ud Moh’e Hadde Alpha KM4
4 Abdifitah Ahmed Mohu’d  Hassan Alpha KM4
5 Abdikarim Khalif Abdi Dhalac Alpha KM4
6 Abdinur  Dahir  Fidow Farah Alpha KM4
7  Abdiqadir Abdi Mohamad  Bulale Alpha KM4
8  Abdiqadir Abukar Yusuf  Afrah Alpha KM4
9 Abdiqadir Mohe’d Maclim Osman Alpha KM4
10 Abdirahman  Ali Adan  Jamac Alpha KM4
11 Abdirahman Abdulahi Mah’ed adam Alpha KM4
12 Abshir  Sh. Nour Osman  Dhuhul Alpha KM4
13 Abukar Hussein Macallin Ali Alpha KM4
14 Ahlan Abdiasis Ali Muse Alpha KM4
15 Ahmad Mahamad Ahmad Abdi Alpha KM4
16 Ahmad Abdulahi  Ali  Mumin Alpha KM4
17 Mahamed  Holaw Hussein Alpha KM4
18 Ahmed  Omer  Yusuf  Ali Alpha KM4
19 Fardawso Abdirahman Ali Muse Alpha KM4
20 Farhiyo Abdirahin Mohamad kadiye Alpha KM4
21 Feysal Mohamud Mohamed ciyaw Alpha KM4
22 Hamse  Abdilahi Mohed Mah’ud Alpha KM4
23 Ibrahim Dahir Ahmed Mahamad Alpha KM4
24 Idil   Mahmud   Mahamad Osoble Alpha KM4
25 Ikran Mahamad Hirsi Osman Alpha KM4
26 Ikran Mohamad  Qasim Abdilahi Alpha KM4
27  Iqro Ahmed Mohamed Osable Alpha KM4
28 Ismaciil  Ali Ibrahim Nour Alpha KM4
29 Ismacil Ali  Omer Ahmed Alpha KM4
30 Khalid  Yusuf Mohamed Elmi Alpha KM4
31 Laylo Ali  Warfaa Addaw Alpha KM4
32 Mahamad Husein Osman Alasaw Alpha KM4
33 Mahamad  Abdirahan  Hassan Mahamud Alpha KM4
34 Mahamad Abukar Mahamad Ceymow Alpha KM4
35 Mahamad Abdirahm Wardhere cigale Alpha KM4
36 Mahad Mumin Dhicsow Muse Alpha KM4
37 Mahamud Mahamad Mahamud Hasaan Alpha KM4
38 Mahamad_amin Hassan Abdi Nour Alpha KM4
39 Maryan  Dahir Ahmed jimcale Alpha KM4
40 Mascud Abdisalam  Hussein Alim Alpha KM4
41 Mohamad  Abshir Abdirahman  Guled Alpha KM4
42  Mohamad   Osmam  Abdulahi Matan Alpha KM4
43 Mohamed Osman Abdi osman Alpha KM4
44 Nacimo Hassan Ahmed Rage Alpha KM4
45 Nour Yusuf   Hirey  fidow Alpha KM4
46 Nourdin Sh.Dahir Ali Mahamad Alpha KM4
47 Osman   Shire   Ahmad Hassan Alpha KM4
48 Ramlo  Ali  Mohamad  Ahmed Alpha KM4
49 Sacid Sh .Mohamad Ahmed Mahamad Alpha KM4
50 Sagal Mahamad Hirsi Osman Alpha KM4
51 Sahal Sh.Mohamad Ahmed mahe’d Alpha KM4
52 SahroMoh’ud  Mohamed  Hadde Alpha KM4
53 Samiro Isse Mahamad Jimcale Alpha KM4
54 Sayid _omer Ahmed Nour Osman Alpha KM4
55 Shugri Abdi Hassan Heyle Alpha KM4
56 Shugri Dhicis Mahamamd  Husein Alpha KM4
57 Sicid  Ahmed Nour  Mahamad Alpha KM4
58 Yahye    Mahamad Yusuf   Ali Alpha KM4
59 Yusuf Abdirahman Sh Ali Husein Alpha KM4
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Ahmed ali mahamed ali Alpha (Madina)
2 Abdirahman osman mudey osman Alpha (Madina)
3 Abdisamad Hassan omar Husein Alpha (Madina)
4 omar mahamed abukar mahamed Alpha (Madina)
5 Fadumo Abdi isaq Abdi Alpha (Madina)
6 falastin mahamed jimcale ali Alpha (Madina)
7 Hani Abdulqadir qasim mursal Alpha (Madina)
8 Hibo omar Husein Ali Alpha (Madina)
9 Muniro Abas mahamud Adam Alpha (Madina)
10 Muno Ahmed mahamed mahamud Alpha (Madina)
11 Shakib Abdisis mahamed abukar Alpha (Madina)
12 Shugri Abdulahi omar Ahmed Alpha (Madina)
13 Husein mahamed husein Ahmed Alpha (Madina)
14 Zakariye Ali barise mahamed Alpha (Madina)
15 Mahamad Abukar Husein Mahamad Alpha (Madina)
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 A/asis Sa’id sh.Ali Hayaan
2 A/fitah Aaden Hassan Hayaan
3 A/ghani Ali Osman Hayaan
4 A/lahi Moh’ed Samater Hayaan
5 A/lahi Tahliil Jim’ale Hayaan
6 A/Majid Tahliil Hassan Hayaan
7 Abdi Hersi Moh’ed Hayaan
8 Abdikadir Bashir Abdikadir Hayaan
9 Abdikarin Moh’ed Ahmed Hayaan
10 Abdiladif Hassan Liban Hayaan
11 Abdinur Ahmed Faarah Hayaan
12 Abdirahman Ali Salad Hayaan
13 Abdirahman Hassan Moh’ed Hayaan
14 Abdirashid Ahmed Hirad Hayaan
15 Abdullahi Daa’uud Ibrahim Hayaan
16 Ahmed A/lahi Ibrahim Hayaan
17 Ahmed Aden Anshur Hayaan
18 Ali Cabdi Jama’ Hayaan
19 Ali Salaad jim’ale Hayaan
20 Bashir Abdi Farah Hayaan
21 Da’ud Elmi Sh.hassan Hayaan
22 Fahan A/lahi Mah’ed Hayaan
23 Farah A/risak Omar Hayaan
24 Farhan A/rahman Hasan Hayaan
25 Hasan Abdi Xersi Hayaan
26 Hassan Moh’ed Roble Hayaan
27 Hussein Moh’ud Magan Hayaan
28 liban A/lahi Heyle Hayaan
29 Liban Ali Moh’ed Hayaan
30 Liban Idiris Ahmed Hayaan
31 Mahad Ahmed Hussien Hayaan
32 Mahad Yusuf Ahmed Hayaan
33 Mohamed A/lahi jama’ Hayaan
34 Mohamed Ali Warsame Hayaan
35 Moh’ed Salaad Shiekhow Hayaan
36 mohamed Abdi Ali Hayaan
37 Mohamed Ali Ahmed Hayaan
38 Mohamed Abdifitah sahal Hayaan
39 Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim Hayaan
40 Mohamed Isse Hassan Hayaan
41 Mohamed Isse Dhoorane Hayaan
42 Mohamed Hussien M.Abdi Hayaan
43 Mustaf Osman Awil Hayaan
44 Omar Nur Ahmed Hayaan
45 Sahro yaaisn Moh’ed Hayaan
46 Samir C/raxin Moh’ed Hayaan
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 A/aziz Jama’ Kheyre Adult
2 A/kadir Ahmed Hussein Adult
3 A/kafi Farah Hashi Adult
4 A/kani A/lahi Araye Adult
5 A/kani Farah Mohamed Adult
6 A/kasim A/lahi Dirie Adult
7 A/lahi Ahmed Nor Adult
8 A/lahi Hassan Osman Adult
9 A/lahi Mohamed Dilih Adult
10 A/nasir Ali Mohamed Adult
11 A/rahman Ali Hassan Adult
12 A/rashid Ahmed Ali Adult
13 A/rizak Hassan Farah Adult
14 A/rizak Hussein Hassan Adult
15 A/rizak Ibrahim Mohamed Adult
16 A/rizak Mohamed Hersi Adult
17 Abdullahi Abdi Farah Adult
18 Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Adult
19 Abdullahi Mohamed Halane Adult
20 Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan Adult
21 Abukar  Hassan Omar Adult
22 Abukar A/rahman Ulusow Adult
23 Adam Ali Mohamed Adult
24 Adam Osman Farah Adult
25 Ahmed A/aziz Abdulle Adult
26 Awil Mohamud Hassan Adult
27 Bilan Abdullahi Mohamud Adult
28 Dahir Mire Ali Adult
29 Dahir Abdi Ahmed Adult
30 Dahir Mohamed Hersi Adult
31 Dhaqane Barrow Weydow Adult
32 Fahma Hussein Ali Adult
33 Farah Elmi Hidigow Adult
34 Farhan Mohamed Mohamud Adult
35 Farhiya  Jibril Elmi Adult
36 Fatima A/kadir Ahmed Adult
37 Hassan Tahlil Mohamed Adult
38 Hussein Ali Farah Adult
39 Idiris Mohamed Salad Adult
40 Isse Mohamed Yahye Adult
41 Jibril Mohamed Warsame Adult
42 Maslah Ahmed Tahlil Adult
43 Mohamed A/shakur Mohamed Adult
44 Mohamed Dahir Hersi Adult
45 Mohamed Hassan Isse Adult
46 Mohamed Jama’ Awil Adult
47 Mohamed Omar Ahmed Adult
48 Mohamed Yasin Osman Adult
49 Mohamud Abdi Hussein Adult
50 Muna Mohamed Guled Adult
51 Mustaf A/rahman Mohamed Adult
52 Najib Hassan Nor Adult
53 Nor Hersi Matan Adult
54 Nour Amin Mohamed Adult
55 Omar A/lahi Elmi Adult
56 Omar Ahmed Omar Adult
57 Sa’diya Ahmed Jim’ale Adult
58 Sadak Hashi Heydar Adult
59 Sadam Farah Mohamed Adult
60 Sa’eed Mohamed Ahmed Adult
61 Sa’eed Muse Warasame Adult
62 Samatar Ahmed Abdalle Adult
63 Salim Sa’eed Osman Adult
64 Shu’eyb Hassan Farah Adult
65 Su’di Hassan Abdulle Adult
66 Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud Adult
67 A/fatah Sa’eed Mohamed Adult
68 A/fitah Adan Mohamed Adult
69 A/kadir Hassan Hussein Adult
70 A/kadir Ibrahin Mohamed Adult
71 A/kadir Mohamed Elmi Adult
72 A/kadir Sh. Hassan Abdulle Adult
73 A/kafi Nor Mohamed Adult
74 A/kani Tahlil Mohamed Adult
75 A/karim Mohamed Barre Adult
76 A/khadar Mohamed Farah Adult
77 A/ladif Omar Mohamud Adult
78 A/lahi Isse Ali Adult
79 A/lahi Mohamed Hashi Adult
80 A/lahi Nor Mohamed Adult
81 A/lahi Sharif Abdi Adult
82 A/nasir Ali Hassan Adult
83 A/nour A/lahi Abdi Adult
84 A/nour Sa’eed Wehliye Adult
85 A/rahman A/salam Elmi Adult
86 A/rahman Adan Ahmed Adult
87 A/rahman Ahmed Abdulle Adult
88 A/rahman Hassan Ali Adult
89 A/rahman Mohamud Osman Adult
90 A/rizak Hassan Ahmed Adult
91 A/rizak Hussein Adow Adult
92 A/rizak Isse Igalle Adult
93 A/rizak Mohamed Nour Adult
94 A/rizak Mohamed Osman Adult
95 A/rizak Yusuf Mohamud Adult
96 Abshir Ahmed Abdi Adult
97 Adan Mohamed Abdi Adult
98 Ahmed Garad Hussein Adult
99 Ahmed Muhumed Adow Adult
100 Ahmed Nour Ali Adult
101 Ahmed Sharif Huriye Adult
102 Ahmed-nour A/karim Ahmed Adult
103 Ahmed-nour Mohamed Jama’ Adult
104 Ali Dahir Farah Adult
105 Ali Mohamed A/rahman Adult
106 Ali Mohamed Abdi Adult
107 Ali Mohamed Ali Adult
108 Ali Mohamud Mohamed Adult
109 Ali Muhumed Abdulle Adult
110 Ali Mukhtar Osaman Adult
111 Amir Mohamed Hassan Adult
112 Awil Mohamed Abshir Adult
113 Ayan Ahmed Jim’ale Adult
114 Ayanle Hassan Salad Adult
115 Bashir Isak Mohamed Adult
116 Bashir Mohamed Hassan Adult
117 Bile Ali Hassan Adult
118 Dahir Abdulle Awale Adult
119 Dahir Ali Hussein Adult
120 Dahir Mohamud Ahmed Adult
121 Dahir Mohamud Jayte Adult
122 Dahir Nour Ibar Adult
123 Dirie Dahir Ahmed Adult
124 Farah Ahmed Omar Adult
125 Faysal Ahmed Ali Adult
126 Hassan A/lahi Hussein Adult
127 Hassan Mohamed Jim’ale Adult
128 Hassan Tajir Hassan Adult
129 Hidayo Hussein Osman Adult
130 Hussein A/nor Ibrahin Adult
131 Ibrahin A/lahi Yusuf Adult
132 Ifrah Mohamed Hassan Adult
133 Isak Mohamed Isak Adult
134 Isse Hussein Idow Adult
135 Khadra Mohamud Omar Adult
136 Khalid A/lahi Mohamed Adult
137 Khalif Abbi Warsame Adult
138 Kifah A/rahman Mohamud Adult
139 Kulmiye Ahmed Idow Adult
140 Liban Mohamed Hassan Adult
141 Liban Sa’eed Ali Adult
142 Mahad A/razak Diriye Adult
143 Mahad Mohamed Toore Adult
144 Maslah Ali Mohamud Adult
145 Mohamed A/kadir Ali Adult
146 Mohamed A/lahi Salat Adult
147 Mohamed A/rahman Warsame Adult
148 Mohamed Abdi Ali Adult
149 Mohamed Abdi Elmi Adult
150 Mohamed Abdi Mohamed Elmi Adult
151 Mohamed Abdi Mohamed Hared Adult
152 Mohamed Abukar Omar Adult
153 Mohamed Ahmed Sudi Adult
154 Mohamed Ali Yusuf Adult
155 Mohamed Barre Omar Adult
156 Mohamed Dahir Hassan Adult
157 Mohamed Elmi Mohamed Adult
158 Mohamed Hassan Madahey Adult
159 Mohamed Hussein Abdi Adult
160 Mohamed Hussein Hassan Adult
161 Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Adult
162 Mohamed Isse A/lahi Adult
163 Mohamed Jinow Omar Adult
164 Mohamed Mohamud Warsame Adult
165 Mohamed Mudey Maney Adult
166 Mohamed Muheidin Nor Adult
167 Mohamed Osman Hussein Adult
168 Mohamed Sahal Abdi Adult
169 Mohamud A/salan Ibrahin Adult
170 Mohamud Ali Ahmed Adult
171 Mohamud Hassan Abdulle Adult
172 Mohamud Jama’ Hashi Adult
173 Mohamud Mohamed A/karim Adult
174 Mohamud Mohamed Abdi Fidow Adult
175 Mohamud Sa’eed Mire Adult
176 Mowlid Mohamed Osman Adult
177 Mustaf A/lahi Osman Adult
178 Na’ima A/lahi Hassan Adult
179 Na’ima Hashi Igale Adult
180 Na’imo A/lahi Diriye Adult
181 Nasteha Ahmed Ali Adult
182 Nour Ahmed Diri’e Adult
183 Nuriye Abdi Hussein Adult
184 Omar Abdi Omar Adult
185 Omar Boatan Farah Adult
186 Omar Mohamud Hashi Adult
187 Omar Mohamud Omar Adult
188 Omar Osman Mohamed Adult
189 Sadak Ali Mohamed Adult
190 Sa’eed Abdi Sudi Adult
191 Shasha Moahmed Abdi Adult
192 Suleiman Jama’ Dharas Adult
193 Taysir A/lahi Salah Adult
194 Warsame Bashir Abshir Adult
195 Yahye Osman Hassan Adult
196 Yasin Farah Mohamed Adult
197 Yusuf Abdi Shuriye Adult
198 Zahra Bashir Mohamed Adult
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Axmed Sacid Ahmed Hussein Amoud
2  Mahamed Hasan Abdi Abdule Amoud
3  Sayid Ali Abdulahi Yusuf Amoud
4 Abdirahman Mohamed Osman Elmi Amoud
5  Ismail Hassan Mahamed Omar Amoud
6  Mahamed Abdulahi Ali Shabel Amoud
7  Yasmin Hasan Abdi Abdulle Amoud
8  Ifrah Abukar Shacir Mohamed Amoud
9  Mahamed Amin Ali Mumin Amoud
10  Mohamed Abdurahman Mohamed Harur Amoud
11  Mohamed Nor Mohamed Kulmiye Amoud
12  Mahad Abdulahi Siyad Qanyare Amoud
13  Jabril Ali Barise Yarow Amoud
14 Abdirahman Hassan Hirsi Amoud
S/n Name of Student School Name
1  Abdiaziz    Abdirahmhaman    Elmi Al-Imra Elasha
2 Mohamed    Mohamud    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
3 Abdirahman Mukhtar Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Imra Elasha
4 Mohamud    Farah    Ahmed    Kheyre Al-Imra Elasha
5 Yusu f     Abdilahi    Dhimbil    Kheyre Al-Imra Elasha
6 Fahad    Mohamed    Muhiadin    Ma’ow Al-Imra Elasha
7 Abdihakim    Mohamed    Abdulahi    Ahmed Al-Imra Elasha
8 Abdifatah    Yusuf    Diriye    Guled Al-Imra Elasha
9 Abdinasir    Mohamed    Awale    Si’ad Al-Imra Elasha
10 Abdulahi    Ali     Shikhow    Abdi Al-Imra Elasha
11 Yasir    Ahmed     Abdi    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
12 Adan    Mohamed    Osman    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
13 Abdiqani    Mohamed    Kheyre    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
14 Sa’dio    Hassan    Ibrahim Al-Imra Elasha
15 Sado    Omar     Nur    Elmi Al-Imra Elasha
16 Hani    Abdulahi    Ahmed    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
17 Leylo    Warsame    Omar     Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
18 Amal    Hassan    Dahir    Shuke Al-Imra Elasha
19 Bukhari    Abdirahman    Mohamed    Muhumed Al-Imra Elasha
20 Abdirahman    Hussein    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
21 Amino     Abdi    Osman    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
22 Hodan    Hussein    Ahmed    Rage Al-Imra Elasha
23 Rahmo     Nur    Ali    Osman Al-Imra Elasha
24 Ise    Ali    Omar    Tarabi Al-Imra Elasha
25 Anab    Hassan    Farah    Abtidon Al-Imra Elasha
26 Nur    Wehliye    Osman   Ahmed Al-Imra Elasha
27 Nur    Hassan    Hussein    Mursal Al-Imra Elasha
28 Jibril    Ali    Abdi    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
29 Mohamed    Abdihamid    Ali    Ahmed Al-Imra Elasha
30 Asho    Abduqadir    Ahmed Al-Imra Elasha
31 Burhan    Ali    Adan Al-Imra Elasha
32 Hussein    Ali    Adan Al-Imra Elasha
33 Lul    Ali    Adan Al-Imra Elasha
34 Liban    Abdi    Ulusow Al-Imra Elasha
35 Mohamed    Amir    Hassan Al-Imra Elasha
36 Hassan    Abdulahi    Mohamed    Muse Al-Imra Elasha
37 Ahmed    Dahir     Ali     Jima’le Al-Imra Elasha
38 Isma’il    Mohamed    Dhaqane    Yusuf Al-Imra Elasha
39 Shafi’I    Hassan    Omar    Gelle Al-Imra Elasha
40 Abdikafi    Ahmed    Abdule    Waadhowr Al-Imra Elasha
41 Hafid    Ahmed     Abdi    Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
42 Mohamed    Hassan    Ahmed     Dhaqane Al-Imra Elasha
43 Abdirahman     Hassan     Ahmed     Dhaqane Al-Imra Elasha
44 Anas     Ali     Shikhow     Abdi Al-Imra Elasha
45 Fu’ad      Mohamud      Fidow     Dhiblawe Al-Imra Elasha
46 Abdiqani      Adan      Warsame Al-Imra Elasha
47 Abdinur     Mukhtar      Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
48 Harun     Abdirizaq     Adan     Abdulle Al-Imra Elasha
49 Qasim      Hussein      Abdulahi     Ibrahim Al-Imra Elasha
50 Hassan      Mohamed     Gure     Abdulle Al-Imra Elasha
51 Hussein     Mohamed     Gure     Abdulle Al-Imra Elasha
52 Mohamed      Nur       Ibrahim     Nur Al-Imra Elasha
53 Da’ud      Omar      Warsame      Samatar Al-Imra Elasha
54 Isma’il       Mohamed       Hassan      Warsame Al-Imra Elasha
55 Ahmednur        Abdiqadir       Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
56 Bashir       Dahir       Mohamed      Si’ad Al-Imra Elasha
57 Hani       Hassan      Farah     Abtidon Al-Imra Elasha
58  Ardo       Mohamed      Abdi      Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
59 Ishrah      Adan      Mohamed      Nur Al-Imra Elasha
60 Asho      Mohamed       Hassan      Warsame Al-Imra Elasha
61 Najmo             Abdi   Ali   Afdhub Al-Imra Elasha
62 Samio      Hassan     Yusuf    Arab Al-Imra Elasha
63 Hafso      Abdiqadir       Hussein     Mohamed Al-Imra Elasha
64 Najmo     Hassan      Ahmed     Ali Al-Imra Elasha
65 Aniso      Mohamed      Hassan     Warsme Al-Imra Elasha
66 Abdirisaq      Hassan      Mohamed     Omar Al-Imra Elasha
67 Omar      Mahad      Abdi Al-Imra Elasha
68 Sharmarke      Mohamed       Ahmed Al-Imra Elasha
69 Liban       Abdulahi        Abdi Al-Imra Elasha
70 Abdulahi        Jama’        Ali- Nur Al-Imra Elasha
71 Mohamed       Ali        Hussein      Nur Al-Imra Elasha
72 Abdulaziz         Mohamed       Adan       Hussein Al-Imra Elasha
73 HalimoSa’dio      Abdulahi      Anshur Al-Imra Elasha
74 Sadaq         Abdi        Ad’eed Al-Imra Elasha
75 Fardowso     Mohamed       Kheyre  Mohamed. Al-Imra Elasha
S/n Name of Student School Name
1 Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Adow Al-Qalam
2 Ali Husen Ali Osman Al-Qalam
3 Mohamed Abdi Budul Ali Al-Qalam
4 Dahir abdi Bale Mohamed Al-Qalam
5 Abdulahi Ali Mohamed Abdi Al-Qalam
6 Mohamud Abdi Samow Ibrahim Al-Qalam
7 Isse Yusuf Hassan Abdule Al-Qalam
8 Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Ali Al-Qalam
9 Osman Abdi Mohamed Hassan Al-Qalam
10 Hasan Ahmed Ali Mohamed Al-Qalam
11 Abdulhai Ibrahim Omar Liban Al-Qalam
12 Abdifitah Yusuf Ahmed Hassan Al-Qalam
13 Mohamed abdulahi Abdule Mohamud Al-Qalam
14 Mohamed Husen Ali Heyle Al-Qalam
15 Adam Osman Husen Adam Al-Qalam
16 Omar Ali Alasow Liban Al-Qalam
17 Abdirahman Ibrahim Kheyre Degale Al-Qalam
18 Aweys Bare Alasow Liban Al-Qalam
19 Muse Ali Husen Sabria Al-Qalam
20 Husen Ali Omar Arale Al-Qalam
21 Mohamed Abdi qadir Osman jele Al-Qalam
22 Abdi Ibrahim Abdulahi Husen Al-Qalam
23 Mohamed Omar Osman Ali Al-Qalam
24 Ali Mohamed MohamudAbdi Al-Qalam
25 Abduqadir Ahmed Abdulahi Abdi Al-Qalam
26 Abdi Casiis Hasen Isxaq Yarow Al-Qalam
27 Husen Abdulahi Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Qalam
28 Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Omar Al-Qalam
29 Ahmed Ali Adow Farah Al-Qalam
30 Ahmed Abshir Farah Abdi Al-Qalam
31 Mukhtar Isxaq Osman Ali Al-Qalam
32 Mohamed Abdi Dahiye Nuur Al-Qalam
33 Amina Abshir Farah Abdi Al-Qalam
34 Faduma Mohamed Omar Ali Al-Qalam
35 Abdi Rashiid Mohamed Ahmed Abdi Al-Qalam
36 Abdirisaq Omar Mohamed Waceys Al-Qalam