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Our Mission

SAFE Education Network

The SAFE Education Network prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society…

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SAFE Association is a non-for-profit, non-governmental association dedicated to find education to all children who are at the age of schooling. SAFE endeavours to create education opportunities for every Somali child in every condition he/she lives in.

SAFE was established in 1998 as the first education Association in Somalia by a number of scholars who saw the gap and the need for a formal and an informal educational system in the country…

Formal Education

SAFE Association offers formal education opportunities to thousands of Somali children who live in the different regions of the country…

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About Schools

Since SAFE Association is the highest authority that administers all its member schools. It has many responsibilities that are directly or indirectly…

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Emergency Education

When the Ethiopian forces invaded Somalia in late 2006, the war that has began in Mogadishu Compelled people to flee from Mogadishu to places…

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Girls Education

Developing and improving girls education is a basic principle for SAFE Association and it is a fact that the number of girls at SAFE schools is not less than…

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