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About Safe

SAFE Education Network is a non-for-profit, non-governmental association dedicated to find education to all children who are at the age of schooling. SAFE endeavours to create education opportunities for every Somali child in every condition he/she lives in.

SAFE was established in 1998 as the first education Association in Somalia by a number of scholars who saw the gap and the need for a formal and an informal educational system in the country. The main aim was to rebuild Somalia’s education system that was lost in the civil war that ravaged the country.
Early in 1991, when the civil war broke out in the country, the economic infrastructure and all social needs have been levelled to the ground, including the education sector.

The civil war also had an effect on the lives of normal people; in which some have fled outside of the country while others have been locally displaced with which no one was standing for covering their basic needs like education and health. The war had a big negative impact on the educational facilities of the countrywere ceased functioning, became the home of the internally displaced people and most of them destroyed by the war.

The education of Somali children stopped there and there was no single one going to schools and universities. People also stopped expecting the chance of once again finding schools and education for their little children. The need for filling the gap has then became the first nationwide priority and a noble job to pursue. The students whose studying stopped in the middle should be taken back to schools while each and every one who reached the age of schooling should get the chance of going to school.
Fortunately, Somali scholars had stood to fill the void left by the wars and committed themselves to do whatever in their power for the betterment of nation’s education sector whose need has been on the increase day after day. Soon after that, privately-owned schools have been established, and have been on the rise since then. Their establishment prompted the creations of Associations and Umbrellas so as to issue legal documents and certificates for the students in those schools. The Associations were then drawn from those schools.

SAFE Education Network was the fruitful results of that education awaking in the Somalia. SAFE stood day and night to bring the educational system of the country back on its feet, and SAFE has accomplished great work since their establishment.

SAFE Education Network was among the first leading education Associations and Umbrellas in the country for the revival of the national education system. SAFE has also enabled more two hundred thousands of students to find education programs through primary and secondary schooling systems. The Association has also established schools in great number and came up with curriculum to work on.

Apart from the formal education, SAFE has significantly contributed in the informal education, basic education systems and the creation of education opportunities for the adults who had no chance of schooling at their young age.

SAFE Education Network has also developed a system for connecting schools and parents, and it has also created good collaboration between teachers and the student’s parents so as to know what is going on with the student’s status in school; and most importantly their attendance and absenteeism.