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About Us

About SAFE

SAFE Association is a non-for-profit, non-governmental association dedicated to find education to all children who are at the age of schooling. SAFE endeavours to create education opportunities for every Somali child in every condition he/she lives in. SAFE was established in 1998 as the first education Association in Somalia by a number of scholars who saw the gap and the need for a formal and an informal educational system in the country. The main aim was to rebuild Somalia’s education system that was lost in the civil war that ravaged the country…

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Objectives, Strategy & Values

Coordinating school members of the Association, with the aim of auditing, evaluating and controlling the quality of the education, the current challenges faced by them and upgrading their educational system qualities.
Curriculum Development.
Training and developing the knowledge of Teachers.
Seeking investment to realize the long-term vision of the Association.
To include subjects regarding Peace building and conflict resolution to the Association’s curriculum.

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Chairman's Message

As the Chairman of SAFE, I would like to underline that the commitment and the determination of this Association will remain unswerving in serving Somali communities through the provision of education to their children for them to be useful members of their communities. Against all odds, SAFE will be working toward the realization of its final goal which is the alleviation of poverty through education accessible to all irrespective of social status, gender, and wealth. This is the vision shared by the teachers, head teachers and the auxiliary staff of the Association.
The SAFE Association’s primary objective is merely educational, based on the fight against ignorance, provision, development and improvement of the country’s education, with the help of teachers, students and their parents; and all those committed to lifting up Somalia’s education sector…

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