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As the Chairman of SAFE, I would like to underline that the commitment and the determination of this Association will remain unswerving in serving Somali communities through the provision of education to their children for them to be useful members of their communities. Against all odds, SAFE will be working toward the realization of its final goal which is the alleviation of poverty through education accessible to all irrespective of social status, gender, and wealth. This is the vision shared by the teachers, head teachers and the auxiliary staff of the Association.

The SAFE Association’s primary objective is merely educational, based on the fight against ignorance, provision, development and improvement of the country’s education, with the help of teachers, students and their parents; and all those committed to lifting up Somalia’s education sector.

Today, the Association of SAFE administers more than 400 schools scattered in all the regions of the country. The schools joining the association for the last two years have been on the increase, and that has given us a new hope and encouragement and to realize that we have been on the right path of development and improvement of the education.

Collectively, we are of the notion that a society can hardly surmount the hurdles it comes up against without having educated young people. To that end, since its establishment, SAFE has been trying consistently to create educational opportunities for the school-aged children in the various regions ofs Somalia.

The students in SAFE schools are approximately 291,600 in number, and it’s also worth noting that there are almost 29,270 students who learn from the schools of SAFE for free, with the yearly school fee reaching up to $4,566,120 ($13 x 29,270 students x 12 months), and that is a sign of SAFE’s responsibility of helping children with less ability to have a chance in the world of education.

Although thousands of students have been educated, other thousands of poor children have been educated free of charge, yet the long-term vision of SAFE Association is not reached. I believe that Somali people cannot make a meaningful change on matters regarding social affairs, economy, politics and all that supports development unless they focus and commit themselves to creation of educated Somali youngsters.

I would encourage the teachers, principals and officials of SAFE to double their commitment in order to make education available for every Somali child who reached the age of schooling.

Thanks to ALLAH, O Allah, for You is all praise as befits the Glory of Your Countenance and the Greatness of Your Might.

And Then after, I thank to SAFE colleagues and school head teachers together with their partners for their tireless efforts for creating learning opportunities for the off-springs of Somalia in order that they may set the country on the way of progress.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any questions concerning SAFE and the quality services we provide to our member schools. Once a part of our organization, we welcome you to join us in the process of reviewing schools and programs in the continual pursuit of excellence.