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About Schools

Since SAFE Association is the highest authority that administers all its member schools. It has many responsibilities that are directly or indirectly in the advantage of all the schools under the Association.
These responsibilities include:-
1. Coordination: The association coordinates school activities and works on strengthening the coordination between the Association and the schools. Similarly, it smooths the coordination among the schools. The Association is also in charge of strengthening the relations it has with other Associations, National and International Organizations, the existing administrations and various parts of society. It has also the mandate of establishing new relations with other entities…

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Formal Education

SAFE Association offers formal education opportunities to thousands of Somali children who live in the different regions of the country. Currently, there are more than 400 schools under SAFE Association with 202,500 students in Primary and Secondary levels.
Geographically, SAFE operates in most regions of Somalia starting from Kenyan border to the South and Central Somalia, Puntland and parts of Somaliland.
SAFE is a bridge, it provides curriculum support, improves modernizing teaching method and supervises educational system of all member schools. Providing formal education, SAFE applies the 4-4-4 system which is a written system approved and applied since formal education …

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Girls Education

Developing and improving girls education is a basic principle for SAFE Association and it is a fact that the number of girls at SAFE schools is not less than the number of boys. When we’re discussing girl’s education we should keep in mind the Somali culture which dictates that boys should be considered first in education rather than girls. SAFE stands for providing equal educational opportunities to all Somali children irrespective of their gender and it specifically created opportunities for girls since they have less access to education compared to boys…

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Emergency Education

When the Ethiopian forces invaded Somalia in late 2006, the war that has began in Mogadishu Compelled people to flee from Mogadishu to places like Elasha Biyaha and Afgoye. These displacements caused the ongoing education in Mogadishu to totally stop. s goal of delivering education for Somali children at every cost, SAFE implemented emergency educational projects with the collaboration of EDC, UNICEF and OXFAM International. That project had thousands of beneficiaries of Somali children.The objective of that project was to make basic education available to children by build- ing schools made of tents and bushes…

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