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Emergency Education

When the Ethiopian forces invaded Somalia in late 2006, the war that has began in Mogadishu Compelled people to flee from Mogadishu to places like Elasha Biyaha and Afgoye. These displacements caused the ongoing education in Mogadishu to totally stop.

Based on it’s goal of delivering education for Somali children at every cost, SAFE implemented emergency educational projects with the collaboration of EDC, UNICEF and OXFAM International. That project had thousands of beneficiaries of Somali children.The objective of that project was to make basic education available to children by build- ing schools made of tents and bushes.

The Association has also delivered educational materials including books and pens. It has also hired permanent teachers to educate these children. The project had benefited more than 16,870 displaced Children with 42% of them being girls. A project funded by EDC and implemented by SAFE Association with the duration of 5 years starting from 2007 to 2012 has helped around

8,720 children with 42% being girls. Likewise, SAFE Association and UNICEF have collaborated on the implementation of another project with 7000 beneficiaries of students, 42% of these students also being girls.

That project had two phases. The first phase of which that started in early 2007 came to a close in 2014 by benefiting children of up to 5,670 in number with 42% of them being girls. The second phase of the project started in 2015 and was concluded in 2016, with the beneficiary of 1,800 students with 42% of yet being girls.

Another project that has been going for 4 years has benefited 80 students with the collaboration of OXFAM, with the time frame between 2009 and 2012.