Main Organizational Strategic Goals:

  1. Ensure that more than 70% percent of Somali children have access to schooling
  2. Enhance and develop the capacity of the Association’s staff to produce effective and efficient performance
  3. Establish working mechanism for adult education
  4. integrate emergency disaster risk preparedness education in the teaching process
  5. Incorporate human rights issue in the conventional teaching
  6. Prevent and raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in the Association’s member schools
  7. Abolish gender biased practices in education
  8. Promote peace building and conflict resolution


Objectives of the organization

  1. Coordinate all member schools through continuous monitoring and evaluation by identifying their teaching performance and gaps, quality of education and overall schools system.
  2.  Develop environment-friendly curriculum; this is the most prioritized problem in the education of Somalia.
  3. To train teachers and upgrade teacher’s education (higher education)
  4. To raise funds through lobbying and advocacy to achieve all inclusive education goals, mission and the vision.
  5. Raise awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS in the schools network.
  6. To include Peace building and conflict resolution in the mainstream teaching through peace education
  7. Strengthen and maintain existing schools
  8. Enhance the capacity of the working teachers
  9. Prompt and induce communities to send their school-aged children to schools