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Exam Results

Services Provided by SAFE to Their Schools

Exams are one of the permanents duties of the Association’s heads and the principals of the schools. The exams are categorized in the following two kinds:-

  • School based
  • Centralized
  • School Based Exams are Further Divided into:

a) Monthly Exams This exam is taken in every month with specially allocated marks, and it continues till the Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) is reached. The schools may be having different forms of giving different marks; some allocate it for ten marks while others lower it from that point. After the Continuous Assessment Test (CAT), it is resumed and continued again till the final exam is reached. The allocated marks of these monthly exams are accumulated and added up to so as to add it to the final exam results of the student. The mere objectives of exams like this are to uplift the students atten- dance in schools and as well as to educate the children as more deeply as possible.

b) Secondary Leaving Certificate Exams: The exams are now prepared, taken and marked by schools, but it’s the main responsibility of the Association’s top administration especially the examination office. Though the supervisory role of Association is eminent, yet a monitoring group from the Association is sent to schools in the other regions before three months of the final exam. The group has the role of supervising and controlling how the syllabus of the Association has been used and adopted within that academic year. After that, every school is assigned to present the list of its students sitting for the final exam, having their list and directory at the association’s office.

When the exams are one month away, the Association issues the Roll Numbers of the students sitting for the final exams, and is sent to schools for distribution. The schools prepare and present the final exams of their version to the Association, so as to correct and highlight anything irrelevant to Association’s format of the exam.
When their own version of the exams is corrected, it is sent back to the schools for follow-up with recommendations. The Association schedules the day of the exam, and that allows for all secondary leaving exams to be taken at one specific time and date for all schools in the association.
The schools send the exam results to the exam office of the Association for clarifications and checking. The generalized exam results are then sent back to schools and as well as Somalia’s federal Ministry of Education. These exam results also allow the students to have their secondary certificates issued by the Association. In the last two school years SAFE students participated the Ministry’s national certificate examination.

  • The Centralized Exams of SAFE Association

The officials of SAFE Association, having witnessed the increasing number of schools under the association, and the objective of unifying the exams of the schools in the Association, SAFE has decided to take centralized primary and secondary leaving exams for all schools in the association. With the collaboration of UNESCO, SAFE has finally made that dream come true.

The first centralized exams taken by SAFE Association from its schools was conducted in the academic year of 2000/01. The exam was prepared by experts selected from the different schools of the Association and other experts sent by UNESCO Organization. The responsibility for exam preparation, monitoring and funding was mutually conducted by both SAFE and UNESCO.

That centralized exam has been going on for three academic years, and it then stopped for many technical problems including the following: –
1- The exam results being late than their expected dates, and sometimes reaching up to the next academic year, which in turn lead to students being held back from pursuing secondary education.
2- The students’ certificates have been sometimes printed with typing errors arising from the mixing up of different names with irrespective photos. Correcting the process has then become a challenge, which later prompted the stoppage of the program.
Those aforementioned issues and others have later caused the Association to cease the centralized exams in collaboration with UNESCO.

Then, SAFE Association has decided to take its own centralized exam in all the schools under its administration, and based on that new mission, the Association has undertaken the following steps:-
1- To stand for the mission of establishing one unified curriculum for the Association that will be used by all member schools.
2- To unify the academic years of the school members of the SAFE Association
3- Experts on curriculum development has been selected and prepared for the realization of the project. With the help of experts from the CDC (Curriculum Development Center), it has been finalized to use Somalia’s former National Curriculum.
4- The Association has started collecting all former Somali curriculum remains for its printing and rebranding so as to be used by all member schools in the Association. In the academic year of 2003/2004, SAFE Association has successfully taken its first branded centralized exam for all primary and secondary leaving students.


All the issues we have mentioned above including unifying the Association’s curriculum and academic year, have enabled SAFE to issue and provide one recognized as well as guaranteed official certificate with a serial number.

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Primary School Certificate

Elementary School Certificate

SAFE gives certificates to the students from the schools under the Association who complete their Secondary Intermediate and Primary education. These certificates are only given to those secondary students who at least pass on 7 subjects and to those primary students who at least earn 50% in total.
SAFE Association has put many efforts on maintaining the reliability and credibility of their certificates.
The Association makes sure that its certificates are secure and cannot be forged in the black markets.
Since the first day that SAFE’s certificates were issued till now; there is no one that has got our certificate by other means without earning it. This was the result of many efforts by the Association’s administration who have successfully come up with a certificate that cannot be forged by any means.
The first time that the association issued its first certificates was 2001.

The Government of Somalia was the first to recognize the significant work of SAFE Association and its certificate.
In the year of 2004, the Somali Ministry of Education has issued and presented a written letter expressing the recognition of the Association’s work.

In the same way, the Ministry has fully recognized the certificate of the Association.
The letter had the signature of the then Minister of Education, Mr. Ali Hashi Mohamed Sahal.
SAFE’s certificate is now locally and internationally recognized Thanks to the administration for successfully maintaining the quality and secured Association’s certificates.

SAFE Association has gained the confidence of the government, international and local Universities as well as local people by its first years of workk. As result of this, the association won awards, Scholarships and financial support. Certificates of appreciation were also given to the association for its incredible work and active role on educating Somali children.

President Dr. Abdikasim Salad Hassan was one of the officials that have acknowledged the significant work of SAFE. It was the 27th of April, 2003 when president Abdikasim gave a certificate of appreciation to the Association for its permanent efforts on up grading and developing the education of the country.

On the other hand, first country to recognize the certificate of SAFE Association was Sudan, which is among the countries with largest number of Somali.
On October 30th 2015, a written letter issued by the Ministry of Education of Sudan stated that the Sudanese Government has officially recognized SAFE Association’s certificate.
The letter had been signed by the Sudanese Minister of Education Mr. Mohamed Ahmad Al-tahir.