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Formal Education

SAFE Association offers formal education opportunities to thousands of Somali children who live in the different regions of the country. Currently, there are more than 400 schools under SAFE Association with 202,500 students in Primary and Secondary levels.

Geographically, SAFE operates in most regions of Somalia starting from Kenyan border to the South and Central Somalia, Puntland and parts of Somaliland.

SAFE is a bridge, it provides curriculum support, improves modernizing teaching method and supervises educational system of all member schools. Providing formal education, SAFE applies the 4-4-4 system which is a written system approved and applied since formal education was implemented in Somalia. The 4-4-4 system means that the student has to spend four years in each of the three levels of schooling to complete the total 12 years from the fist grade up to the 12th grade.

The medium of instruction of the Association are Somali, Arabic and English.Basic subjects taught at primary schools of SAFE are: Somali Language, Islamic Studies, Arabic, English, Social Science (Geography, History and Social Studies), Math, Science and Business Studies .

Subjects taught at the secondary level are like those of the primary level with the addition of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Business. SAFE became the first Association of it is kind that has implemented Centralized Primary leaving certificate exams starting from 2001 founded