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Objectives, Strategy & Values


  • Coordinating school members of the Association, with the aim of auditing, evaluating and controlling the quality of the education, the current challenges faced by them and upgrading their educational system qualities.
  • Curriculum Development.
  • Training and developing the knowledge of Teachers.
  • Seeking investment to realize the long-term vision of the Association.
  • To include subjects regarding Peace building and conflict resolution to the Association’s curriculum.
  • To seek scholarships locally & Internationally for students and teachers in the Association.


  • To expand the basic education
  • To improve the education of the Somali children
  • To educate Somali children the good ethics of their religion and patriotism
  • To stand for and advocate for formal education
  • To uplift the consultation level of Somali youth
  • To open vocational schools for youth to develop their skills
  • To expand the education to everywhere so as to reduce ignorance
  • To Provide professional development opportunities for teachers and staff
  • To Provide a forum in which practitioners and leaders could discuss common educational issues


  • The values of SAFE Associations are built on the following points:-
  • Trust and Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Impartiality
  • Accountability
  • Good governance
  • Responsibility