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Our Vision & Mission

Creation of wholesome community that is literate, progressive and public

To attain meaningful social transformation realized through education
accessible to all

Overall goal
Alleviation of poverty through improved quality education accessible to
all irrespective of gender, social and financial status by the end the
year 2030

The main objectives of the SAFE are:

a)      Participation in building up the society in the field of education
with special regard to girls
b)      Preparing a unified educational curriculum for all the member schools
of the Schools Association for Formal Education with the consideration
of the former national curriculum
c)      Organize individual schools to form strong network represents
education sector
d)      Exerting great efforts in making the SAFE certificates
internationally recognized and accepted ones.
e)      Promote the capacity of the member schools through training and
capacity building programs and provision of the required facilities
f)      Liaise between the member schools and the concerned international
g)      Work out strategies to establish higher education institutions to
enable students graduate from member schools to proceed their higher
studies in the country
h)      Unify examinations, school year, certificates, students transfer, and
school uniforms of the member schools
i)      Evaluate and monitor schools’ performance in terms of the
implementation of the curriculum and completion of the yearly program