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Step One

Read Our Terms

Before You Request A Membership You Must Accept Our Terms

Qualification for Membership

a. Applications for membership shall be addressed to the Executive Director accompanied by evidence that the applicant has fulfilled and is capable in the future of fulfilling the obligations of membership.

The Executive Committee shall examine the application and report at the Annual Meeting of the Association whether or not the applicant has qualified.
The application for membership shall be filed at the time and in the form specified by the Executive Committee.

b. In determining whether a school fulfills and can continue to fulfill the obligations of membership, the controlling issue is the overall quality of the school measured

c. A school making application for membership shall pay to the Association an application fee of $200 & Membership fee to defray the indirect expenses of the Association in an amount established by the Executive Committee.

Membership requirement

a. Member schools or candidate schools should not have membership/affiliation with other education umbrella or Education Network in Somalia.

b. A member school shall attract and maintain a faculty of high competence and suitable size, with a sufficient number of full-time School Principal, Supervisor, Accountant and other operation managers to provide ready professional relationships among the school and between the teachers and the students and to offer a reasonably broad curriculum. “Full-time School Principal” means a school member who devotes substantially the entire time to the responsibilities of teacher, scholar, and educator.

c. A candidate school should have a full-time Principal who devotes substantially the entire time to the responsibilities of the principal.

d. Quality of teaching and attention given to students both Primary & Secondary.

e. Students should have a full-time/ one shift learning of 4:30 Hours per shift minimum

f. Students should have a School Uniform according to studying levels.

g. Secondary Education duration should be Four years (9,10,11, & 12 Classes

Change in operation

A member school should report fully to the Executive Director and allow for review and keep file before implementing a significant change in operation, Such as: The Identity of the change, The effects of the change on the school’s existing program and operations. or in the case of: transfer in whole or part of the school and its program to a new entity should be informed to SAFE.

Please Note: All the supporting documents are required to be submitted along with the School’s registration form

All schools require to submit copies of the documents (All documents must be approved by school owners/ School Board of this filled up registration form and logo and stamped to be send to: /


1. Application Letter (Head Letter, Logo, Signed & Stamped).

2. Filling the registration form

3. Ownership Letter / Board Letter (Stamped, Signed & pictures)

4. School Academic & Financial Documents

5. Headmaster/ Principal CV

6. Principals/ Contact Person Nomination Letter

7. The Membership elimination letter (If the school had already membership with another Umbrella)

8. Identity of the School Establishment Date